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cannot open dbc file in XNET database editor, and can open in vector canoe

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I have one project which use XNET control module.

RD give us a dbc  (as attachment) which generated by vector canoe

now it is issue that NI-XNET Database editor cannot open the file(as attachment).  and it can be opened in canoe(as attachment)

what wrong with the file ? what can i do for it ?




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It's probably not a good idea sharing DBC files publicly. That said, your database loads perfectly fine for me. Perhaps your XNET is outdated?

I have no problems with XNET 19.6

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I have seen bad DBCs in the past.  But in those cases I would just load it up in XNet Database Editor, re-export it, and then it was fine.  I haven't seen it not load in XNet before.

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