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Front Panels turning to gibberish Chinese (CAR 185890)

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I've been asked to escalate the issue related to CAR 185890 where text that should normally be interpreted as ASCII suddenly starts being interpreted as Unicode, which means the text is replaced by random Chinese characters. It seems like this CAR has been opened for 10 years now. I found some NI forums related to this, but nothing on LAVA. So I'd love to know if you also still experience this really pervert bug. It's hard to reproduce, it usually occurs after weeks of running our application (executable).

Note that in my case, I do have some text (mostly control captions) that is Unicode on purpose so we can localize it, and this works fine. But the rest (table and listbox content in particular) is always displayed as ASCII and works fine most of the time, expect when LabVIEW decides to suddenly interpret EVERYTHING on the front panel as Unicode.

Most of what I could find about this is from 2010-2013, so it would be nice to see what people experience about this in 2021 :)

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VIPM 2017 on Ubuntu 18. Don't know if related to that CAR, but jibberish chinese anyway + very ugly fonts.

Edit: quick search, I found this: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Why-does-my-LabVIEW-occasionally-display-in-Chinese/m-p/1545242#M571786.

Now my VIPM 2017 appears to be based on rte2015, and the closest to what suggested in that post is /usr/local/lib/LabVIEW-2015/English/lvapp.rsc - which in my case is present, no *.tmp in that directory instead.

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Re: about old workaround
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I have seen this a couple of times in my applications and a fix then has always been to either remove all but English, or support all languages on the run-time languages page in the application builder (perhaps any change there is what is really doing the trick, I have not explored that as I have always just moved on when the error disappeared).

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