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  1. here a post on how to update to the last sql libraries (3.34) to run successfully that example on NI RT
  2. Yes, I agree with you. Indeed installing LabVIEW was the last thing I tried after almost 1week of more reasonable attempts (moving dlls, getting dll elsewhere and so on). When I removed LV the exe was complaining about missing external function. Installed runtime engine 2015 and it worked. I do not know why. I could check tomorrow on another system where I have the same exe running for a long time, if I also have the runtime 2015 installed.
  3. We finally understood. We saw that a full LV2019SP1 f3 installation solved the problem. I then noted that Run-time Engine 2015 SP1f13 comes with it. I remembered that drjdpowell mentioned here that he is using LV 2015. So I removed the whole LV (double-checked that exe couldn't find dlls anymore), installed only the Run-time Engine 2015 SP1f13 and it worked immediately. Don't know why but it is not automatically installed with the installer.
  4. Thanks for your answer. 1. The exe is at the correct path 2. I downloaded the latest dll that i found on your repo in bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/drjdpowell/pq-labview/src/master/Connection/ . No difference. Important to notice that the same folder containing the exe (in the following screenshot I renamed the folder buildWin10Pro) works immediately in another Win10Education. The difference is that in this second system there is the whole LabVIEW, VI package manager and the Postgresql package installed. Any follow up on this? Thanks!
  5. Hello, we are experiencing a similar issue. We are using PostgreSQL On dev computers, with Windows 10 Pro, I create an exe with the example PQ Example Many INSERTS provided by drjdpowell. We only modify ipaddress, username and password. Everything works fine. If I move the build folder (with the data folder) in a Win 10 Education, the exe cannot find the dlls. The attached image explains it all. Basically we get "Missing External function libpq.dll" even if the dll is in the data folder. This computer has NI run-time engine 2019 x86. Interestingly, if I put the same folder on another Windows 10 Education, where I have installed LV, VIPM and the PostgreSQL vip, the exe runs well. This computer has also NI run-time engine 2019 x86 (and others). Comparing the 2 Win 10 Education computers, It seems to me they both have the same Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86). I checked this aftert having read rolfk suggestion here What could the issue be? We are running out of things to attempt. Thanks for your support!
  6. Thank you for this library. We are using it for a few weeks now. Mainly for inserts and some reads. We basically followed the example available in the installation folder. No RT at the moment.
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