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Anyone seen this error on EXE build?

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Having problems building my EXE.  Generates this error sometimes (when it doesn't just silently crash):



Does someone know what the long-meaningless-named VI might be (a vim instance, I'm guessing).  

Any help appreciated.

-- James

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I eventually "fixed" this by Find-Replacing all three VIMs used in the above large VI with themselves (thus starting the VIMs "from fresh").  There appears to be some kind of state that can be corrupted, that isn't fixed by clearing compiled code cache.

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LV2017 and VIMs is a bit tricky. I know this or similar problems also under LV2017. From LV2019 it has become much better from my point of view.

=> Clearing ObjCache is always a good idea for similar problems.... 😉

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