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  1. LV2017 and VIMs is a bit tricky. I know this or similar problems also under LV2017. From LV2019 it has become much better from my point of view. => Clearing ObjCache is always a good idea for similar problems.... 😉
  2. You can use this library: CRC16-CCITT-0xFFFF CRC_VIs85.zip
  3. Use the CRC Calculator: https://crccalc.com/ => CRC-16/CCITT-FALSE Sorry, did not read your question precisely... ;-(
  4. If you are interested in older versions, I can provide you a link to LV3.1.1: ftp://ftp.ni.com/support/labview/updates/windows/win3x/31-to-311 => Have fun! 😉
  5. I try to open the private data content directly from the class. Is there a way to convert the data content of "NI.LVClass.FlattenedPrivateDataCTL" back to the control? => Scripting, Private Method? How can I create these flattened strings myself. The format is very similar for icons in the XML file!
  6. My first thought about USB is always the cable and the USB port. I would exchange both once.
  7. I'll wait this time! Haha 😎
  8. It would be a communication practice to publish the problem. Just turning off the link is a bit too easy!
  9. I got the same error as you (error unable to open resource files). I did the installation as an upgrade over the existing installation. After that the licensing and LabVIEW didn't work anymore! I then switched to a previous snapshot in my VM and could continue working.
  10. I shot my installation too! Be sure to create a backup or test it in a VM! => Really NI?! :-(
  11. You can check this message to solve your problems.... https://forums.ni.com/t5/Actor-Framework-Discussions/Debugging-Actors/m-p/3445827#58984
  12. Please have a look at Datasockets. They can communicate with OPC Servers. => See examples: Datasocket
  13. Thanks for your quick response. I will try and report later....!
  14. Hi flarn2006 I always receive an error when executing this very interresting tool. The Message look like that (Calling : Error 53 occured at Invoke Node in Save VI with XML Heaps.vi possible reason: Labview: Manager call not supported Method Name: Call Internal Command Enabled: LVdebugKeys=true and changed the Settings in the NED Menu.
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