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Union c in labview

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I have to create a library that has as input the pointer to this structure


unsigned char 

unsigned int  Len
union {
   unsigned char   Raw [EFIUDS_MSG_MAX_DATA_SIZE]
   struct {
      unsigned char   SI
      unsigned char   PARAM [EFIUDS_MSG_MAX_DATA_SIZE-1]
   }   REQUEST
   struct {
      unsigned char   PR_SI
      unsigned char   PARAM [EFIUDS_MSG_MAX_DATA_SIZE-1]
   struct {
      unsigned char   NR_SI
      unsigned char   SI
      unsigned char   NRC


how do i implement the labview?
thank you



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19 hours ago, ShaunR said:

Pass a U8 array of length EFIUDS_MSG_MAX_DATA_SIZE

Unions are syntactic sugar for a single piece of contiguous memory. You'll just have to figure out how to interpret the data.


thank You!

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