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Configuring SourceTree and git to use LabVIEW Compare and LabVIEW Merge custom tools

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The link in the *.sh files for an explanation of the cmd options does not work so I've posted them here FYI.




Use the Windows command line to start the LVCompare.exe utility. In the command line, type the following:
lvcompare.exe <absolute path to VI 1> <absolute path to VI 2> [-lvpath <path to LabVIEW>][-noattr][-nofp][-nofppos][-nobd][-nobdcosm][-nobdpos]

  • -noattr means do not compare VI attributes
  • -nofp means do not compare the front panels
  • -nofppos means do not compare the size or position of front panel objects
  • -nobd means do not compare the block diagrams
  • -nobdcosm means do not compare the appearance of block diagram objects
  • -nobdpos means do not compare the size or position of block diagram objects.

Note: Comparing VIs with the same name is not supported by the LVCompare.exe utility.




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