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Can't Update the Firmware of a Newly Purchased cRIO (Update Firmware Button Missing)


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Just got a cRIO-9047 out of the box.  I am running LabVIEW 2020 SP1 on the host computer, and the cRIO is running firmware 6.1.0f2 (why so old for a device that just shipped?).  We ordered this controller/chassis months ago, but delivery was delayed, supposedly due to the chip shortage.  The host computer is running CompactRIO 21.0 drivers.  When I try to install the latest software (anything newer than 'legacy'), the installer tells me I need to update the firmware on the controller to version 7 first.  However, when I select the device in MAX, the 'Update Firmware' button that is supposed to be on the System Settings tab is missing.  I have 4 sbRIOs on the same subnet, and they are all good (Update Firmware button showing, running newer, non-legacy software loads).  When I run the legacy installer for 20.5, and try to use the 'Update BIOS' button on the installer dialog box, I get a dialog saying the host has no new firmware load higher than the one installed, even though I am running the latest CompactRIO drivers.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Without a solution, I can only run the legacy software load.  Thanks for any help.


crio system settings.png

crio update bios.png

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