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How to Install PXI RT Linux OS on PXI RT Pharlabs OS


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5 hours ago, pravin said:

Hi All,

I want to upgrade RT Linux OS on RT Pharlabs OS, is there any way to do that?

kindly guide


That depends VERY much on what PXI controller you want to do that. 


Only the PXI-8821, 8840 and 8880 were Pharlap ETS systems that have NI Linux RT support available. And it may be something that has to be factory installed, but I'm not sure about that.

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A heads up though: all PXI modules aren't fully supported. We replaced a PXI controller running Pharlap to one running Linux and there were some issues.

The LabVIEW application transferred smoothly if I remember correctly (this was last year, August ish) but we never got one of the modules to fully work. The 6683H timing module I think. And NI was aware of this. 

We ended up keeping the Pharlap controller. In this application.

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