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Bundling Values from ini file into complex Cluster

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Hello guys,

iam trying to converte Ni-Max ini files into Json files. I found a way to list all sections, keys and values and also to create the json file. What Iam struggling with is the conversion itself. I have to get the values into the right spot of the output cluster, which is pretty complex.


How can I bundle the values in such a way that it will be displayed correctly in the output cluster?



testfahrt1 - Kopie.vi

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One option, perhaps not as flexible as you want but still:

OpenG Configuration file VIs can read the ini-file and convert it to clusters, which could then be converted to json using e.g. @drjdpowell's JSONtext...

To get up and running with a more flexible solution (i.e. without the need for defined clusters) you could probably pick and merge parts from those two libraries.

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Here is a quick hack from some existing INI parsing code I had.  See if this works on NI-MAX files.

2022-06-22 09_59_21-INI to JSON Example.vi Front Panel on Untitled Project 2_My Computer.png

This VI converts the INI items to JSONpath notation, converts the values to JSON strings unless already a valid JSON value (such and numbers, true, etc.), and uses the JSONtext VIs "Unflatten JSONpath Array to Object" and "Pretty Print" to convert to JSON.

INI to JSON Example.vi

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