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Did you know you could do that? RE: Spreadsheet String to Array

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On 7/7/2022 at 12:06 PM, sam said:

I've been surprised today with one of the LabVIEW's most useful functions (imo) which I use all the time.  After so many years and only now seeing this behavior/feature.  I thought I share it 🙂

I've always used an empty array of N-Dim for my desired type input.  only to accidently find out today that I can also use a scalar for the type.    ha!


But if you provide a string that should be interpreted as a 1D array, and chose "create indicator", the created indicator is a 2D array:


Try to force the output to be 1D by connecting a 1D array indicator, and you get a broken wire:


In other words, it seems that if you want a non 2D output, you need to specify the type.


BTW, in the first diagram above, the 2D array output contains a single row, so the string is properly decoded (ignore the missing format string).

Bonus: did you know that if you set the expected type to be 1D (and obviously the output to be 1D), a "2D" string will be cast to 1D?



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