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Drag and Drop "Icons" from Tab Control to a listbox

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Before I go down this road of a vision I have to make things easier for the engineers to write their own procedures .... I figured I would ask here first...

What I would like to be abe to do is have a Tab control with different functions per tab , then let the user be able to drag and drop an "Icon" so to speak to the listbox,table etc... then I can pop up the user input screen for that particular function. Note , when I say function , i mean things that relate to testing , not , functions from the pallettes etc...


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Is this a sequence editor?  If so I don't see the tab design being very scalable.  Here is a screenshot of something we do.  It has a tree control on the left with all the different step types, with categories for them.  Then the user can drag and drop an icon over to the right.  Once they do a dialog will come up with the settings for the step they selected.  They can also double click a step on the right for the settings for that step to come up again.  There's lots of extra stuff like custom step limits, which is a slide out, and visual arrows if a step has a condition for jumping.  Loops are seen as a tree on the right where you can drag and drop into or out of loops, and rearranging steps is also a drag and drop.  There is also columns for icons that can be clicked, which is actually two picture controls because you can't have multiple glyphs in a tree, and if you can hack that in the icon size has to be real small.


Each step has a typed cluster with the settings for it, that get flattened to a variant.  You might not need to get this fancy, but a listbox of step types, and a listbox for the sequence might be a good start.

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