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LV 2021 thick line decoration changed

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This is a cross-post from the darkside:


After a month, I didn't get any hits there though, so reposting here in hopes that someone might have insight.

In LabVIEW 2021, the thick line decoration changed to include aliasing.  This is a total bummer for me.  I use this line for drawing fluid lines, and the aliasing makes the fluid lines fuzzy, which is not a desire for me.

If anyone here might have any idea how to create or get back a 3-pixel width line without aliasing, you would be my friend.



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I've no idea if they introduced an an ini setting for aliasing or a real solution for this but a classic, flat, square, button can be collapsed to 5px and, if you make the border transparent (which is 1px), it looks like a 3px line. However it won't do arbitrary angles-horizontal and vertical only.


You may have to rethink how you display your fluid with either the picture control or jpg/png images copy and pasted to the FP, if it's a real issue. I'm not sure how you are using to display a fluid (reveal behind a progress bar?). I've never used decorations as they are so limited.

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oh wow, I had not even considered using a flat box with a transparent border.  That does indeed create a 3 pixel, non-aliased line.  It's a bit clunkier than I would like, but it does get me exactly what I need with respect to creating something that is effectively equivalent to the pre-2021 thick line.

That unblocks me for now.  I might contact NI though and make a bit of a fuss.  Maybe they can add a thick line back into LabVIEW on a hidden palette without aliasing.  grumble grumble

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