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When the approach of reverting to offline help when online "can't be reached" fails.





At first I thought NI was missing the help for a specific obscure VI, but as you see above, it's the entire help system.

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There is an offline help option, but I would much prefer to the more straight forward CHM files.


NI's website has many deficiencies that have been well known for years.  So the effort to force things to go online, is crazy to me.  Maybe trying to drive up network traffic to look better for investors or buyers?

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Thanks hooovahh, now that you posted that NI Forums page I vaguely recall I had seen it before. NI of course got the web help system working again today, but in the meantime I realized I can separately launch the .chm help from LV2021, so now if I get exasperated with the online version I can revert to that (despite the (extremely small?) risk of functionality differences in newer versions of vi.lib) 

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