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Exposing data for Prometheus

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Hi all,

I'm planning to expose metrics for Prometheus to collect (scrap) them.

I saw the PromVIEW VIP on GitHub and vipm.io which works in the default Prometheus way : your app runs an HTTP server and Prometheus is configured to connect to it to collect your metrics.

My issue is that I run my app on Linux (Ubuntu) and the NI Web Server is not supported on Linux.

I've seen that Prometheus can also be configured to collect metrics from a file as long as we follow the correct format, so I will most probably follow this path.


As anyone done this or anything similar?

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I don't know exactly how your collection looks like and in what the NI Web Server as it is fills in, but as for linux and serving http I have been positively impressed by this: https://github.com/illuminated-g/lv-http-server

In fact I did some preliminary evaluation of it some time ago, and I was planning to build on it for a project which has been delayed. If you look into, I'd be interested in hearing your opinion as well.

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