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The 5th dimension


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Is human evolution finally over?

In my view because 98% of people are at animal level we do not see today the evolution.

My Project Evolution to bring high level people in a country will be able to help high level humans to evolve into some thing better.

Here is what animals professors said about Evolution:


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I defined half-cannibals those who are eating meat.

When are fewer resources, less food the half-cannibals becomes cannibals.

For example during the WWII at Stalingrad the Russians and Germans soldiers were eating others soldiers.

That is why high level people will be safe if they will have their country.

You will not be safe living on the same island with this half-cannibal:


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For those who didn't get the updated list, here's the current list of terrorist acts you can perform, sorted by importance:

  1. Steal Alfa's money.
  2. Call Alfa and not say anything.
  3. Hijack planes and kill thousands of people.
  4. Perform a series of coordinated attacks resulting in the death of many dozens (Spain, Bali, Mumbai, Iraq, etc.).
  5. Follow Alfa.
  6. Kidnap and execute hostages.
  7. Perform a random act of violence against civilians.

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Here is my view(look at my wave function) why it is not good to watch people:

Today people are like the animals at Zoo they are watched by the government, a lot of informers(prostitutes)... Because 98% are at animal level they do not care, they are afraid to talk about it.

In quantum mechanics, wave function collapse (also called collapse of the state vector or reduction of the wave packet) is the process by which a wave function, initially in a superposition of different eigenstates, appears to reduce to a single one of the states after interaction with an observer.


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For me MOSSAD is number one terrorist organization in the world.

They had stolen all my money in Toronto, Canada.

MOSSAD want to catch a lot of terrorists around the world and the terrorists are the DOLLARS, the EUROS…

Former MP and Presidential candidate Nati Meir from MOSSAD has been sentenced to four years in prison for fraud using fake banknotes by a Bucharest Court.


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We see on TV a lot of about Jews who died in Nazi death camps (4 years from 1942 to 1945), but nothing about communists Jews killing the brightest people-kept in concentration camps for 20 years in communists countries.

Today the children of those communists Jews after they went in USA are talking against communism. The Jews received $60 billion from Germany but they have to give the money to those anti-communists who were killed by communists Jews in concentration camps. Why UN, EU do not look for those communists criminals?

Here in Romania yesterday at OTV, V. Nisipeanu was talking about how Jews doctors killed anti-communists people in Moscow; at Antena3, V.Ciorbea said how the children of communists like Tismaneanu, Patapievici are anti-communists.


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I did not see any physicist to talk about entanglement in 'Twin paradox-special relativity'; in my view the cells of the twins are entangled and 'they know' when they replicate!

If someone is traveling close to the speed of light, relative to your reference frame, then the time observed on their clocks slows. But what

does that mean when it comes to aging? Do their cells that make up their body replicate more slowly?


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