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I have been searching all over the net for a good command line ISO mounting utility similar to Microsoft's unsupported utility "Virutal Mount" that I can call through LV. Does anyone know of a good method for mounting ISO image in LV, through the command line or otherwise?

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QUOTE(h1voltage @ Jun 22 2007, 12:43 PM)

Justin goeres. Just recently added his LVOOP ImageMagick Interface

to the CR.


This library provides an LVOOP-based interface to the powerful cross-platform ImageMagickt.gif image handling utility suite.

It supports all of the ImageMagick utilities and almost every command-line operator (over 200 of them) with support for custom user-specfied operators for the edge cases.

Several examples are included that demonstrate basic text & image creation, composition, and conversion in and out of LabVIEW (including VI icon creation).

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I am using IMDISK by Olof Lagerkvist. It works great with the command line and does not need to restart the computer to work. I just dropped it into my project and set the working directory to on the command line to the parent VI's directory. I used the command: imdisk.exe -a -f "C:\file.iso" -m #: . The #: uses the next available letter drive.

Thanks for all the responses!


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QUOTE(hooovahh @ Jun 27 2007, 08:38 AM)

Also Alcohol 120% has a command line utility, but it's not free. Glad you found a solution.

Thanks for the suggestion hooovahh. I have used Alchol 120% before, but I wasn't aware it also had a command line. I'll check it out.


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