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VI Property: Allow debugging

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I have an old VI I haven't touched for ages, but suddenly it gave me wrong result.

Try the attached VI, and run it and look at the PictureOut indicator.

Now change the VI property: Allow debugging to OFF, and run it again.

The PictureOut's result changes.

Have I done something wrong?!?

You have to excuse me for the nasty code behind this VI, it's an old one.

Download File:post-941-1189392546.vi

The behavior is the same in 8.2.1



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This is quite odd (With debugging off, the text ends up beeing drawn on the top of the image).

After further investigation, it appear that this *might* be happening inside the case strucutre were the I16 is coerced to a double (see image below).


If you drop an indicator connected to the I16 inside the case structure, everything works fine again.

It look like this might be an implaceness optimization bug.


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