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Phantom project dependencies come and go between saves

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I have a project where ever time I open it, it shows as having changes. The items "rendezvs" and "semaphor" appear in the list of Dependencies, as shown below:


<Item Name="Dependencies" Type="Dependencies">


<Item Name="rendezvs" Type="VI" URL="rendezvs"/>

<Item Name="semaphor" Type="VI" URL="semaphor"/>



So, I save the project, close it, and then reopen it... the project then shows unsaved changes, but this time "rendezvs" and "semaphor" are gone. So, I save the project, close it, and then reopen it... the project then shows unsaved changes, but this time "rendezvs" and "semaphor" are back again. And so on.

If I try to double-click on these VIs in the Dependencies list, nothing happens. So, what's the deal? Has anyone seen this before?

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Hi Jim

I saw the same problem yesterday (using 8.5).

No VI had any changes, only the project-file.

I saved it closed and reopened it and the project had changes in it again.

It said property in lvproj-file had been modified.

But I didn't to a diff on the xml file, I might do that to investigate a bit more why it occurred.

When I check out a project from Version Control, the fist thing I check is that there are no changes in any VIs/project before I start, so I don't like this behavior at all.


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I compared my project file after first save, and after opening it again (LabVIEW says "An attribute of the project was changed"),and resaving it.

But the lvproject files are identical. LabVIEW removes the start in the project tree window title, but no changes were made to the project file. I guess that means it has some stuff only in memory and not saved in the file. But what?


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I've encountered some situations that are somewhat similar:

1) Symptom: Open a saved project. Close the project. LabVIEW prompts to save the project. The reason: "An attribute of the project was changed."

Cause: Open a project with a virtual folder. Convert the folder to be autopopulating. Save and close the project. Reopen the project. The above symptom occurs.

Impact: Inconvenience.


1) Ignore the prompt and trust that everything is really OK. :-(

2) Use virtual folders. (That's my approach for the moment.)

Known issue (CAR 4CKEQ1F2).

2) In a recent project I decided I wanted to rename a class. Conscious that I should do this through the LabVIEW project interface and not just on disk, I used the "Rename" dialog. I went wrong, however, when I changed the directory name (in the file dialog) to match the new class. LabVIEW couldn't find the original library (I had messed up the path) to delete it so I had all sorts of project file issues and it took me a while to clean up all traces. (I should have created a copy of the class in a new directory first, then deleted the original class and its folder.)

3) Still more recently, I decided I didn't need a class anymore so I deleted the virtual folder in which the class resided, figuring this would remove the class from the project as well. The class ended up in the dependencies folder. (Perhaps this was complicated by the fact that the class inherited from a parent class?) Again I had a hard time getting rid of it from the project (even after I deleted all callers) and kept getting the "An attribute of the project has changed...." message after saving, reopening, and trying to close the project. I wasn't too far along in the project so I just started over.

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I'm seeing the unsaved changes prompt on my 8.5 project, too. In my case, it's because I'm using auto-populating folders. I filed a CAR on this, maybe the one referenced by the previous poster. I haven't seen the weird Semaphore/Rendezvous thing, though.


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