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Hi all

Have just creat a small vi named back door.vi and think that perhapse interest some of you.

This vi ,place in start of your code stop execution whe you press "S" key and running the main program.

It's can be usefull when you run you code who automaticaly run at start and close is front panel at the end.

See Back door exempl.vi

I wait your comments. test in 7.0


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I'm a little confused where this would be needed in a program? You're description is a little fuzzy.

A child VI like this that controls the parent VI is called a "Brat VI" (wiki entry in the works, but do a LAVA search)

I am in the midst of creating a similar program but it will allow you, through the use of hot-keys to pause, break open the BD, remove modality, and more.

I'll try to get it posted out soon, but definetly look into what I have already posted for Brat VIs.

Good idea, but needs some work on implementation.

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