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anxious Memory Deallocation

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I saw this in the WIKI article "LabVIEW configuration file", section "Performance". (http:/www.labviewwiki.org/LabVIEW_configuration_file/Performance)


Example: anxiousMemoryDeallocation=TRUE

Description: Force LabVIEW to deallocate memory aggressively

The description is a bit hazy for me.. I assume it "virtually adds a "request deallocation" primitive in subVIs".

- Anyone can give more details ?

- Anyone ever tunerd it on ?

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Who would want to make an operating parameter "anxious" anything? Next thing you know we'll get "nervous" then "paranoid" then "psycho". Then we'll get HAL.

"Deallocate memory please, Hal"

"Deallocate memory please, Hal"

"I can't do that, Dave"

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QUOTE (PaulG. @ Apr 2 2008, 04:33 PM)

Well there is a parameter "server.tcp.paranoid" and it's True by default :shifty:


Permitted Values:

Default Value:

Thanks orko for the link, they do make things clearer for me, so I'll stick to what have been doing : use "request deallocation" primitive with care.

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