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PXI Memory UPgrade


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QUOTE (EJW @ Jun 17 2008, 02:37 PM)

Has anyone upgraded memory in their PXI systems? Do you buy the way way overpriced NI memory or do you order something from a respectable company like Corsair , OCZ or Kingston. After all it is just laptop memory!

I *believe* that it is indeed standard laptop memory, but I'm not sure how putting in third-party RAM would effect your NI warranty...

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QUOTE (crelf @ Jun 17 2008, 02:52 PM)

Good point! So I called NI, and the response was NO it would not affect the NI warranty!!!!

QUOTE (Neville D @ Jun 17 2008, 02:57 PM)

You might also consider that the NI memory will definitely support the extended temperature spec (if you have that option) in harsh environments.


You know, i have ordered stuff with the extended temp spec, and yet i am still unsure what it is that is different! Do you know?

Also, alot of memory these days is designed around "gamers" which tend to have HOTTTT! systems. So one would expect the more

recent memory is capable of withstanding the harsh environment. I have seen analysis enclosures (which contain the pxi system and other electronics) of mine reach 120ยบ F internally without difficulty. All my enclosures have air exchangers, which dont work very well, but my newest one has an AC unit (1000BTU) to keep my precious

NI equipment comfortable!

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