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What is the best way to replace a member VI in a LVOOP Class

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Little Background info.

I am in the process of converting some pre-lvoop by reference class to LVOOP class (using the OpenG By Ref framework from Tomi).

My customer found a bug (and fixed it) in the pre-lvoop class.

Now I want to integrate this fixed VI in my lvoop class (every VI in the class folder are members of the lvclass).

In older LV version (before lvlib and lvclass) replacing a VI was trivial and very fast.

  • Close LV
  • Overwrite VI with bug fix VI
  • Open LV
  • Relink and resave

Now with LV class this has become significantly more convoluted and time consuming (or I am missing something obvious which is entirely possible).

The previously mentioned method does not work at all (trying it does actually put the class in a state where I can't recover other than reverting the code to the pre-overwrite)

The only way I could make it work is as follow:

  • Open the lvclass in LV
  • Remove the file to overwrite from the lvclass
  • save and close LV
  • overwrite file
  • Open the lvclass in LV
  • add the new file to the class
  • reasaved

Am I missing something? Is there a better (and faster) way to do that?


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1) Make sure that connector panes of old VI and new VI match

2) Add new VI to class (so that it is a member) and save the class and new VI

3) close LabVIEW

4) on disk, rename Old VI as New VI and rename New VI as Old VI (meaning swap names on disk)

5) open LabVIEW and your class -- it should relink the way that you want

6) remove the VI that you don't want from the class (it will be named "New VI", but it's really the Old VI) and save your class -- you can also remove this VI from disk.

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QUOTE (ragglefrock @ Aug 20 2008, 03:06 PM)

Not the answer you want, but copying the old block diagram and pasting over the current member's block diagram sounds easier to me. No closing LV involved.

Ya, but this is not really practical when you have SubVIS and typedef that you don't want to copy (because they already are member of the lvoop class)


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