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Hide the mouse cursor. .NET

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QUOTE (TobyD @ Sep 22 2008, 05:57 PM)

I I'm doing a game and using 3D Picture Control (just for fun), in the game the user can control place out some object whit the mouse, I use the mouse coordinate to put out the object in the word, but it is really annoying to see the mouse cursor in move around at the same time as the object is moving in the 3D word..

Thanks for your example, but it only hide the cursor in the VI panel.. I wold like to hide it totally.

Btw.. The game goal is to be similar to the game "Flash Element TD" but in 3D.


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Hi Niklas

This is a perfect opportunity to use an OO approach.

I did a simple "Creature in a maze" solution that you can download from here if you are interested.


(These classes needs a class template that you can get by running the installer below)

http://goop.endevo.net/GDS/OpenGoop_Installer_03.zipThere is also a debug video that shows how to debug the objects using GDS here:


Lycka till,



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QUOTE (MikaelH @ Sep 23 2008, 12:05 AM)

Hi Mikael,

I was very curious about your example,

unfourtunately for me, the link(s) failed (Outlook Web Access appeared)


After 'Copy Shortcut' and stripping the first part, the download succeeded.

Both links are directed to the same location so you should link the first to MaceGame.zip

Here are the working ones...


keep on OOP-ing :worship: ,


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