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Labview, .NET and Mono

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QUOTE (professor_rumsdiegeige @ Oct 31 2008, 06:13 AM)


Is it possible to use Mono instead of Microsoft's .NET implementation for Labview's .NET functionality?

I ask because in that case it would be possible to use Labview & .NET on Linux, too.


Sabine Lorentz

No! LabVIEW for Linux simply does not contain any support for accessing .Net and hence Mono. It would also not be easy to do that since MS does not support compilation for Linux so even their .Net headers are simply useless for a Unix compilation of LabVIEW.

Which would mean the LabVIEW developers would have to use Mono libraries and headers and since Mono is still heavily in development it would be very difficult to support that. LabVIEW as a precompiled binary can only contain compiled libraries and those libraries would contain code of the Mono development system used when compiling LabVIEW. That would mean it would only work with certain versions of Mono and would fail with older as well as newer improved version.

All in all a lot of hassle for little gain so no I don't think it will happen very soon.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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All that and the problem of patent protection of .NET.

Basically, Novell is safe due to their big "Patent deal" with Microsoft, but IIRC no other Linux supplier is freed of any patent (litigation) burden from Redmond.

As such, Mono support in LV would likely be a Novell-Linux only deal. Hardly inspiring.

I personally hope Mono goes away. I don't trust certain large software companies and their patent portfolios.


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