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The installer is doing something wrong

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I’ve created and Executable in 8.6 using lvlibs, and lots and classes.

The executable works as it should.

Then when I create an installer and run it after that, it complains that some VIs aren’t of the right version and can’t be loaded.

(I need to run the installer to get the RunTime-engine installed on these computers).

So what I have to do then is to copy all the files under the Build/EXE-file folder and paste them on the target PC’s c:\Program Files\MyApp folder.

Have anybody exercised the same problem?

I know there were a patch I had to use to get this working in 8.5, I had to update some VIs in the build-folder to get it working.

It had some problems with lvlibs containing lvclasses.



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I had a recent problem like that (LV 8.6) where for some reason Error Handler CORE had unsaved changes..!!?

They didn't show up in the top-level VI or the building the exe. But on running it, it would fail and look for some components.

I did a save-all, rebuilt exe and installer, and everything was peachy after that.

No classes or anything. Plain vanilla LV project; no hardware.


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