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Return from Maximize and window is messed up

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Here is the setup:

You have a VI with at least one horizontal splitter. In each pane you have an object set to fit to pane (scale object with pane). (for example, a multi-column listbox).

The user maximizes the screen. They then move the splitter bar that separates the upper and lower panes below the previous (un-maximized) bottom of the window. Finally, they return the window to its previous size (by pressing the un-maximize, or restore button). The result is a totally messed up window.

Is there any way to avoid this? See attached VI.

Download File:post-2411-1239747456.vi





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QUOTE (Darren @ Apr 14 2009, 03:32 PM)

Definitely a bug, I was able to reproduce in 8.6. I couldn't find a workaround, but I filed CAR# 160408 on the issue.


Thanks for the quick follow up. I guess I'll file that in the 'just don't do that' bin for now...

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Can reproduce it too.

If you resize the window it sorts itself out. Looks like a refresh problem. I can get round it by writing to the bounds property of the vi (i.e forcing a refresh). But that doesn't enable you to "restore".

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I reported a similar bug to NI a while back regarding the resizing of windows and panes. From what I was told at the time they weren't error checking there calculations or watching boundary conditions carefully enough. It was totally screwing up my resizing. I haven't heard of it being fixed yet.

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