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  2. Why not use ShaunR's solution as a Malleable VI?
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  4. @ShaunR I might have formulated question incorrectly 😁 I want 3 separate functions that have: - variant input and return 1d array of variants when input variant is array (any dimension any data type in array) - variant input and return array of variants when input variant is set (any data type in set) -variant input and return variant pairs of key values when input is Map (any data type of key and value in map) For Maps and Sets I can get type info using Type Parsing Library but not the actual, the only way i see is digging into type descriptors...
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  6. I think this was mentioned in the video I linked to. I was just thinking about how much work the stunt coordinator, and stunt men had training and planning for a thing that just never happened. It probably happens a lot in the film industry but as someone in the digital world I tend to keep even the work that I never actually use.
  7. But the real story: Harrison Ford was sick and so the director just off-the-cuff said to just shoot the guy. A big sword fight was originally planned, but instead we got one of the most iconic movie moments.
  8. It was but does give us some character development. Showing the exhaustion on his face, and surrounded by dozens of people that might attack. He kinda is like, nah I'm done I got other things to do. Also likely considered murder since it would be difficult to claim self defense.
  9. I too have a sprinkling of Win32 calls I have wrapped up over the space of many years. Most are pretty simple helper stuff like bringing a window to the front or printing or getting/setting current directory etc. No rocket science here.
  10. There are various packages around that do different things to different degree. Most of them are actually APIs that existed in the early days of Windows already. Things that come to mind would be querying the current computer name, user name or allowing to actually authenticate with the standard Windows credentials. Others are dealing with disk functionality although the current LabVIEW File Nodes offer many of those functionalities since they were reworked in LabVIEW 8.0. then there are the ubiquitous window APIs that allow to control LabVIEW and other application windows. As far as LabVIEW i
  11. I have a whole directory in my toolkit called "Windows Specific" which is for VI's that call the Win32API. But unarguably THE most useful for me is the Win Utils I originally wrote in LabVIEW 5 and still use today. Windows API Utils 8.6.zip
  12. I'm curious: What are some examples of Win32 API calls that have been most useful in LabVIEW programs?
  13. Nice, but I require the input to be variant, not an array.
  14. I don't have access LV2020 right now for sets but I maybe have a solution for the arrays which should be much faster and accommodate any number of dimensions,
  15. For arrays i came up with this, dimensions are handled up to 10 For maps and sets it seems there is no way to cast them to variant arrays... Edit. I am lost now, according to my logic 2 on the bottom should be possible:
  16. I am looking for a way to do convert N dimensional array to 1d array of variants. Can this be done using native labview functions (some hidden gems etc), without using OpenG? Another issue is with maps and sets, i want to get data out as array of variants, having set or map as variant.
  17. While I prefer non-violence, I definitely feel more for a sword than a gun. It has some style. 😎
  18. I mostly agree with Rolf here. Even though it looks definitely doable, if necessary effort is pushed into, it will require a lot of work for sure, be it Import Shared Library Wizard enhancement or some new tools, based on scripting. At the current stage, I do not even believe that someone will do this in relation to LabVIEW, until it would be done for any other widespread programming languages at least. Besides of that, I suppose, some rework of the current Call Library Function Node is required, as it wasn't really maintained in many years and doesn't allow some use-cases to be automated. For
  19. The potential is there and if done well (which always remains the question) might be indeed a possibility to integrate into the import library wizard. But it would be a lot of work in an area that very few people really use. The Win32API is powerful but not the complete answer to God, the universe and everything. Also there are areas in Windows you can not really access through that API anymore. In addition I wonder what the motivation at Microsoft is for this, considering their push to go more and more towards UWP, which is an expensive abbreviation for a .Net only Windows kernel API without
  20. Maybe make the DLL import wizard actually useful. Not sure why they are doing this though. .NET was supposed to be the next generation of Win32 API's. I guess they got fed up of migrating the functionality. I used to have a program for Windows WMI queries that did something similar. It wasn't one that I wrote but was a tool intended for Borland languages that meant you could query the WMI database live and create the queries in C++ and Delphi prototype snipits. This looks similar for Win32 API's.
  21. I am reading through that lingo and am trying to extract the substance. What I read is that she was hired by NI for a specific job, did (or not) do it and was, if not fired, at least forced into a situation which led to her resignation after about a year on the job. That sounds rather short to me, but it is true that I am not privy to the way things are working on modern corporate boards. Maybe that is the new trend. I suspect there is more to it, and that her opinion that the business was run in a very outdated manner (saying that on a podcast sounds to me very non-politically correct) may ha
  22. Obviously I don't know what I am talking about, but could this in the future be used to simplify configuring Win32 API DLL calls in LabVIEW? https://blogs.windows.com/windowsdeveloper/2021/01/21/making-win32-apis-more-accessible-to-more-languages/
  23. There is an example application that acquires an image and streams it to the display. With minor changes i could send those images to the pipe.
  24. I want to write a c application the acquire images send it to the pipe. On the orther side of the pipe, i would than use the read.vi to read the images in labview.
  25. Are you suggesting we should grab a sword for the next visit to the sales and marketing dept.? I can see some merit in the idea
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