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LabVIEW Task Manager (LVTM) v1.10.0 (for LV2013+)

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About This File

LabVIEW Task Manager v1.10.0 (for LV2013+)

This code is Open-Source, and free of charge

Authors: Ravi Beniwal, Tim Vargo

LAVA Names: Ravi Beniwal, TimVargo
Contact Info: Contact via PM at the LAVA site (http://lavag.org)

LabVIEW Versions Supported:

LV2013 and up

LabVIEW Versions Tested on:



  • GPower Error & Warning =
  • lava_lib_tree_control_api >= 1.0.1-1
  • NI SmartBalloon =
  • OpenG Application Control Library >=
  • OpenG Comparison Library >=
  • OpenG Array Library >=
  • OpenG Error Library >=
  • OpenG File Library >=
  • OpenG LabVIEW Data Library >=
  • OpenG String Library >=
  • LAVA Palette >=


LabVIEW Task Manager is a debugging tool for use during LabVIEW code development. An expandable/collapsible tree diagram displays detailed information (both static and dynamic) on all VIs in memory, belonging to a selected project/target. It allows for interacting with single or multiple selected VIs at a time, and includes the following major features:

  • Selection of project/target
  • Lists all VIs in memory, grouped by class/library or disk folder, or a flat list
  • Searches for and enumerates clones in memory
  • DropIn VI for including dynamically referenced clones (Clone Beacon)
  • 'Refresh Now' (F5) re-reads all VIs in memory and adds new ones to the tree
  • Displays VI name, owning class/library, state, path, data size & code size
  • Displays VI FP Behavior, Reentrant?, Reentrancy Type, Paused? & Highlight?
  • Group by Class/Library or Folder, or display a Flat List
  • Sort by any column, ascending or descending
  • Filter out item types vi, ctl, and vit/ctt
  • Filter out vi.lib and global VIs
  • Filter out items from being displayed, per folder paths.
  • Tracking of, and ability to toggle, execution highlighting on multiple selected VIs
  • Tracking of paused VIs with ability to Pause/Resume/TogglePause multiple selected VIs
  • DropIn VI for pausing only while debugging
  • If a clone initiates a pause, a different pause symbol is used for all clones of that same reentrant original VI
  • Select multiple VIs and open or close their FPs or BDs
  • Double Click a VI from the tree to bring the BD (first choice) or FP to front, if already open
  • Select multiple top-level VIs and Abort them
  • Remotely close any VI's Front Panel

Installation and instructions:

Install this tool by using the VI Package Manager to install its associated package file (.vip). Installation requires VIPM 2014 or higher, which is available for free from jki.net (http://jki.net/vipm).

Known Issues:

  • Cannot abort SubVIs launched from remote VI Server or local Asynch Call By Ref

What's New in Version v1.10.0 (for LV2013+)   See changelog


What's New in LVTM v1.10.0 since v1.7.0

  • Rechecking for new app instances upon mouse over "App Instance" control
  • Do not limit multisection to siblings only
  • Do not allow selection of parent libraries
  • For "Clone VIs FG" made the "Add Calling VI" case the default case
  • Tree shortcut menu (right-click menu) several functions
  • Items not belonging to a parent library are now grouped in tree under "<no parent library>"
  • Relocated the LVTM "Regression Tests" VIs such that they are no longer excluded from view in LVTM by default
  • Many performance optimizations (including 'dependencies cache' per Neil Pate)
  • Do not create new template instances, and suppress loading dialogs (per xceric)
  • Persist the column sorting between refreshes
  • Persist the collapsed/expanded state of each library node in the tree, between refreshes
  • Persist the selected item between refreshes, if it still exists
  • New Help/About/Info dialog
  • License is now modified MIT
  • New icon
  • Several UI improvements
  • View can now be grouped by Class/Library or Folder, or display a Flat List
  • Added an ability to filter out items from being displayed, per folder paths.  Helps the user to de-clutter the view, and improves performance.
  • Added a progress bar for refresh
  • Persist some configuration settings between sessions
  • Several performance improvements
  • Added an ability to remotely close any VI's Front Panel.  Useful when a modal dialog prevents interacting with LabVIEW, including the LVTM window.


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