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Boolean XControl version 2.2

Copyright © 2009, Ton Plomp

All rights reserved.


Ton Plomp



This code was downloaded from:


Direct OGP download


This XControl has a configurable apperance, functioning as a boolean it can show a custom picture with a custom (formatted) text.

On initial drop of the XControl it will show a browse window to load a picture (png, jpeg or bmp) as view of the boolean.

After that the GUI configuration of the XControl is shown where the position of string an picture can be set amongst other things.

The XControl has 3 possible boolean behaviours:

-Switch when pressed

The boolean value will change as soon as the mouse is down on the XControl

-Switch when release

The boolean value will change as soon as the mouse goes up on the XControl, the button will react on the mouse-down

-Switch until released

The boolean value will be changed when the mouse goes down and reverts as the mouse goes up

The button itself can be a Modern, Classic, System or System Decoration style.

Version 2.2.0 introduces nudging of the button, when the button is clicked the button (optionally) moves 1 pixel down,

For the developer it has the following advantages:

-Have a configurable boolean button with customizable interface and behaviour, all of the items can be controlled via VI-server


Unzip to a custom location.

Explore the possibilites with the included Demo.vi which is linked to the XControl in XControl\BooleanXControl_LCR.xctl

To reuse this XControl in mulitple projects install the OGP file with VIPM (http://www.jkisoft.com/vipm), after installation it will be located in:


You have to manually add it to your palette, since LabVIEW won't index XControls.

To hide the use of the XControl to developers you should lock the facade vi (Abilities\BX.Facade__LCR.vi) so the 'Show diagram' options isn't shown.


The zip includes a CreateIconVI.vi which will convert any given picture (preferably a 32x32 png) into a VI constant with the icon of the VI the same as the picture. This can be usefull to include some constant pictures inside code that is controlling the XControl

Known issues:

Do not apply multiple properties in one property node, this is a bug in LabVIEW 8.0/8.2


See this LAVA discussion: http://forums.lavag....trol-t8869.html

Version History:

2.2.0 (21 september 2009): Added 'Nudge' as an option

Added different button styles (Classic, Modern, System, Decoration)

Added a 'Show on Hover' option

On initial drop the terminal is drawn as an icon

Fixed dependencies of the OGP

Fixed an 'Alwasy browse upon options' bug

2.1.0 (6 may 2009): Fixed a bug that closed up the project when it was closed when a VI with the Boolean XControl was still open.

Added an MNU file

Changed development version to 8.5

2.0.12: Changed the default lettertype to be the first one, size 10.

Changed the default behaviour to show the 'Hilited' item

Included a CreateIconVI.vi

2.0.11: Second upload to Lava CR


Uses the following OpenG toolkits, which can be downloaded with VIPM (http://www.jkisoft.com/vipm)

oglib_appcontrol >= 2.9.1

oglib_error >= 2.3.2

oglib_file >= 2.8.2

nirsc_html_help_common >= 1.0.1

oglib_array >= 2.7.1

aglib_string >= 2.6.1

oglib_lvdata >= 2.8.1


Distributed under the BSD license.

What's New in Version 09/21/2009 08:31 PM   See changelog


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