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    I recently added this bit of code in my application. As part of my unit testing I was sending a value of "10" to the Pin Number terminal. When the test failed I probed the integer output and was surprised to find the function interpreting the string as binary instead of decimal! It was returning 2, not 10. Took me about 10 minutes to figure out what the real problem is.
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    Howdy! I am trialing a new model of review for OpenG VIs. I want to enlist the help of the entire LAVA community. If the VI under review is one that you use in your projects, interests you, or you just have a moment free whilst hanging out on LAVA (I mean, where else would you rather be, right?), then please check it out and leave your feedback. The aim is - to steal a line from Christina - to get more eyes on the VIs I am hoping this will lessen the load on individual reviewers whilst increasing the quality of the changes (or proposed changes). This model is based on the assumption that there are a lot of Community folk who would like to contribute to OpenG but don't have the time to commit on a regular basis. The reviews posted may be in the form of specs or actual VIs etc... Feel free to leave your feedback in the form of comments, documents, code (changes, tests) or whatever makes sense! You can get started by checking out the newly proposed Trim Whitespace VI code. The LabVIEW community appreciates your time. Kind regards Jonathon Green OpenG Developer PS - Of course, if you are interested in contributing more to OpenG, please PM me!
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    @Jon: This is a great plan. I think that breaking things out into separate review threads/topics for each proposed change will let people contribute as they have time. Also, if people make a significant contribution, we should be sure to include them in the copyright notice, so they receive credit for helping. Another thought is that it would be helpful if the original post gets updated with status and decisions, so that people know what stage in the process things are at. For example, after the review process is over, it should be obvious that that review/comments period for a given proposal has ended.
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    @ JG Why have you slowed it down? (those arrays were inside the for loops for a reason ) @JK. You are right. The original Trim Whitespace+.vi (thanks for pointing out the two chars I missed JG-are they considered whitespace?) was a direct replacement for the built in Trim [whitespace] function. However. the Fast Trim was more useful on comms strings (especially serial) where you can have all sorts of non-printable chars and not just "whitespace".
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    Hey Jon, Thanks for posting this design change for review. A couple questions: A) Do users often need to "Remove non-printable characters (False)" -- is this a common use case? B) Does it add much value to couple the removal of non-printable characters to the trimming of leading/trailing whitespace? (For example, do users often need to perform these operations together?) It seems to me that if the answers to these questions aren't an overwhelming "YES" (in all caps , then removal of non-printable characters should be decoupled from Trim Whitespace, since decoupling orthogonal functionality tends to make the software more maintainable, understandable, testable, etc. If the decision is to decouple them, then maybe it makes sense to add a new function called Remove Non-printable Characters. Regards, -Jim
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    At first thank you for supporting OpenG. I'm stuck with old 7.1 so my question, if it's posssible to get the code downgraded? I promise to do testing and to ask for an upgrade as well. Felix
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    I assume the queue might be better in performance. More use cases (SEQ, producer-consumer) -> NI put more manpower behind the optimization code -> better performance. I think 8.5 it was a big marketing about Qs and multicore performance, they never adressed notifiers. But might be completely missleading, as a notifier only needs 1 piece (the current piece) of data while a queue might queue up (as the name suggests), so those optimizations would be unneccesary for a notifier. Felix
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    I did take videos off every session that I went to with my new hd camcorder that I recently purchased. the problem is that a 1 hour session in about 5.5 gigabytes worth of data. This makes it difficult to post or stream. Michael also has copies of all the videos I took. we are trying to figure out the best way to get the videos to the community. Either throug VI shots or Lava. Also it's very likely that the most popular NI presentations will be respun into webinars in the future.
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    I've decided to try a new improvement on the LAVA reputation system. You can still give positive reputation points to individual posts. This has not changed, however now It is called a "Like" and your name shows below the post to indicate you like it. I think this is a better way to show support and encouragement to a user's post and increases networking between community members. I "like" it!

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