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    Yeah, isn't finding available hot keys a real PITA?! Wouldn't it be easier if there was a more natural way to have a deep set of commands w/out needing to divine a magically unused hot key pairing? ~,~
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    Would you like to also " ... create gigaoptimal code in nanotime to make megabucks."? Check out http://mooregoodideas.com/mgi-efficiency-toolkit/ for some ideas - not necessarily good ones...
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    Are you using flourescent lighting in your lab? The greenish tint is probably because you need to adjust white balance on the camera. Use a white sheet of paper in front of the camera and adjust white balance. In the past, I have used Fujinon and Tamron Machine vision lenses. Great quality, high resolution, large aperture, rugged, and with locking screws on iris and focus rings. http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/optical_devices/machine-vision/ I found AudioVideoSupply out of LA to have good service and support. http://www.avsupply.com/computar-lenses.php The vignetting is due to the lens you are using. Lenses are rated for the sensor size used. Probably you have a sensor size > lens image circle. You can use for instance a 2/3" lens with a 1/2" sensor, but not vice-versa. Get the lens for the appropriate mount on your camera (usually C mount). The Fujinon site had a lot of useful information for machine vision. Like Shaun pointed out, make sure to enable jumbo packets for the ethernet card. You can use either the Basler driver or the NI GigE driver, but jumbo packets should be enabled. Neville.

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