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    Staab Engineering will ship you a vacuum-sealed Texas BBQ brisket from La Barbecue. http://labarbecue.com/ http://www.yelp.com/biz/la-barbecue-austin http://www.austinchronicle.com/blogs/food/2013-04-26/la-barbecue-turns-ups-the-heat-with-secret-pit-technology/ About $- value, depending on where I have to ship it. I hope crelf doesn't win!!!
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    OK, after a month I can say I'm pretty happy with my choice. The developer regularly and officially handles feature requests (there's a change log) and I can say that almost all of the issues I mentioned in the previous reply have already been resolved and it now has some good features which Reader didn't have. If someone else needs an RSS reader I would certainly recommend it. Just make sure you go into the settings and configure it to your liking, because some of the defaults definitely didn't match what I like.
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    I've been down this road, too. Windows has a number of third party SSH tools (cygwin, TeraTerm, etc), but all of them are encapsulated in their own little universe and don't interact with other code well. Tunnelling sounds like a good solution. Because I'm not that smart , I ended up bridging LV with Python, and using the paramiko package to handle the ssh connection.
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    Hopefully my preordered Leap will come in the mail today..stupid rural post office is behind as usual! And there is a LabVIEW LEAP API! Now if only they would publish it...

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