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    Greetings all LabVIEW users... NI will soon be commencing our beta program for LabVIEW 2017. If you would like to be considered for participation into the program, please go to www.ni.com/beta and sign up for the LabVIEW 2017 beta. Regards, Lisa Ely LabVIEW Beta Coordinator National Instruments
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    You know you can customise this to whatever suits you right? Edit CLSUIP_LocalizedStrings.vi in LabVIEWresourceFrameworkProvidersLVClassLibraryNewAccessors and change the Write and Read to whatever suits you. Don't forget to right-click-->make the value default on each of the string controls after you have changed it, and then save. Only pain point here is that it has to be done for each new LV installation

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