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    A quick VI that creates sparse representations of digital data, and plots them. The plot supports multiple waveforms and includes a horizontal scrollbar to scroll through the time axis. It needs axes plotting adding, and support for zoom (just need to capture a user event, such as mouse scroll, to change x axis range and replot). This any use? Sparse_Digital_Plot_Multiple_Example.vi
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    I think you misunderstood my objection.
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    That's a very interesting need. If you represent your data sparsely, such that you store transitions and timestamps only, then you're unlikely to find a plotting tool that handles this data format. It might worth looking for a .NET control that exists already for this and interfacing with that. But I would prefer a pure LabVIEW solution if possible. My immediate thought is that you're going to need to create your own graphing tools. If you want to look at the entire signal then you'll need to reinterpret the sparse data in order to use it on a traditional LabVIEW graph, but then you have memory limitations (as you already experienced). The next option, and it might be possible since you're talking about simple rectangular digital signals, would be to draw your own lines with the picture tools and build up your own graph image. You can then re-interpret the sparse data as instructions for plotting a line. It's a little work, but not a great deal. My ambition then would be to wrap this up as an XControl, including horizontal and vertical scrollbars, so that one can pan through the image (it might need to be redrawn on the fly as the user moves a scrollbar), and zoom in and out (changing the range of values to include in the plotting functions). You won't want to recreate all the functionality of the LabVIEW native graphing tools, but the basics mentioned above wouldn't be too difficult.
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    Correction: you cant use .net *from labview* on a cRIO. You can always install mono, maybe even the .net standard or core or whatever they call it. Admittedly this doesnt help marcos, but... Someone made a native amqp client, which is here: https://github.com/tweeto/AMQP-Client Never used it myself, but they say they tested against rabbit. Edit: it looks like the user did not actually include their code...just the lvclass files :/ I think there used to be a native amqp implementation on the community but I can't find it since the switch over. I dont know if the above is the same one. To be clear, zeromq has nothing to do with amqp except that the authors of zeromq hated amqp enough to write zeromq. I used to have a long article on the ni.com community about how to cross compile zeromq for linux, but I can't find it since they moved to the new community format (even though its my own document). In any case, you would need to cross compile and then the zeromq library should in theory work.

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