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  1. If this page will be the forever "Landing page" then I agree you should delete the posts eventually. However, now that a wiki exists (whether in it's current place, or back here if Michael figures out a way to add a wiki), my thought was someone (you, me, someone else with free time on their hands) migrate your top post to the wiki and that becomes the forever "Landing page". That way, again, it's not only up to you to maintain it for eternity, but can evolve through community involvement over time. Agree or disagree?
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  2. @David_L I get your point. If someone wants to migrate this all to the Wiki that's fine. I've been keeping the pruning to a minimum, so anyone updating a wiki can incorporate the suggestions from this thread.
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  3. Despite being on LAVA all the time, my power is quite limited and I believe something like hosting a Wiki here would take more than administrator controls and would need site controls, meaning only Michael would be capable of this. I don't mind hijacking this thread, as I intend on periodically pruning it (as I've done a little so far) and after some time and discussions die down I'll delete the user posts. Obviously this would be counter productive to the discussion taking place and I did think about locking this thread from the start but this is fine. Keep it coming just know that your post maybe deleted after a conclusion has been made on a subject, or your content has been added to the main post.
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  4. @The Q I don't know how difficult it would be, but I feel like it would be 1000x more effective if the wiki was hosted on lavag itself. While I agree that a wiki is a good choice, having yet another place to go for LabVIEW content, might fragment the community even more. @hooovahh @Michael Aivaliotis Or any other Moderators, Do you guys have any insight if it's possible/easy to add wiki functionality to the Lavag site?
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