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    I got some more information on the flickering. It is caused when we do a redraw of the canvas. If you slow down the video of LabVIEW 2015 and before you can actually see the flicker once, when we redraw the canvas. We introduced live redraw in 2016 which makes the flicker obvious because it happens multiple times. I did file CAR 713251 for this which one of my colleagues will prioritize among the other work his teams have on their backlog. With respect to the CAR 493662, I agree that the workaround isn't great. It's only an option if you are both the author and consumer of the .NET Assembly. If you are just using an assembly installed on the system, you can't call the other constructor. This doesn't help your situation, but I have a team that is currently working on .NET for NXG and I did make this an acceptance criteria of their work. I verified in a beta build of NXG 3.0 that we are able to call both of the overloaded constructors. This is similar to the model we are moving toward. The Product Owners have the final say of when we toggle on a feature. It's our role to hold the line for quality and workflow completeness when it comes to turning on features. Hopefully our change in process is noticeable as we move forward. Thanks again for the candid feedback here. It does help myself and other POs have a better grasp on the heartbeat of the community.
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    The content on this page will go away soon. It's currently being migrated. > New Location < Read about the wiki here This thread is intended to be a place for all things LabVIEW to be able to be found. If you have a resource for LabVIEW feel free to reply with your own content. We are interested in things like person blogs, forums, training information, and anything a user of LabVIEW might want. Several links and sections have been lifted from another resource available over on NI labeled the Content and Communities for LabVIEW Application Development. I'm New To LabVIEW and Need Help Basic Training Information NI Learning Center NI Getting Started -Hardware Basics -MyRIO Project Essentials Guide (lots of good simple circuits with links to youtube demonstrations) -LabVEW Basics -DAQ Application Tutorials -cRIO Developer's Guide Learn NI Training Resource Videos 3 Hour LabVIEW Introduction (Alternate Google Drive) 6 Hour LabVIEW Introduction (Google Drive) Self Paced training for students Self Paced training beginner to advanced, SSP Required Rookie Mistakes in LabVIEW by Digilent State Machine Design Pattern Basic Tutorial Wikipedia Article Sixclear Video Event Driven Design by NI Beyond Basic Training These are topics that are useful but not for those new to LabVIEW or software development. Topics may cover things a novice may have a hard time following. Object Oriented Software Design NI FAQ on Object Oriented Programming Creating Classes When Should you Use Classes Abstraction Abstraction Distraction Introduction to Object Oriented Programming and HAL by Elijah Kerry (Video), Plugin Framework JKI Hardware Abstraction Video Actor Framework Community Introduction Framework Basics Error Handling Basics by NI David Maidman’s Blog Post SOLID Error Handling by Dmitry Structured Error Handler Express VI by NI I Have Questions LAVA Forums - Independent community, with less NI oversight, and generally less new users asking basic questions NI Official Forums - NI's official forum, monitored semi-regularly by NI and the best place to find official support LabVIEW on Reddit - Smaller community but has Reddit features like voting on posts and comments causing interesting topics to get more attention LabVIEW on Stack Overflow - Q&A style community I'm Looking to Find Example Code and Toolkits NI Tools Network - Polished released code distributed as VIPM packages. LAVA Code Repository - Place for Verified, and Unverified code allowing for discussions, in addition to hosting NI Code Exchange / Community Documents - Similar to LAVA but NI's site licensing means less flexibility if you are posting code and want a custom license. NI Reference Designs Portal GitHub - Trending LabVIEW Projects, and All LabVIEW Projects GitLab - LabVIEW Projects BitBucket - LAVA Projects on BitBucket I'm Looking for Blogs There are lots of LabVIEW blogs, covering lots of topics. Some blogs go cold after some time, so below is a table of blogs, highlighting the last post made. At the moment this is updated manually so this will need to be updated periodically. NI's Blog NI's official blog, updated very frequently System Automation Solutions 10/24/2018 Sam Taggart's Blog JKI Blog 9/13/2018 Blog often highlighting JKI's activity including VIPM and other LabVIEW tips DMC Blog - 9/10/2018 LabVIEW category of DMC's official blog Steve Watts Random Ramblings on LabVIEW Design - 10/23/2018 Random Ramblings says it all but often good insight into designs and discussions we don't think about but should question why we use them and how Delacor Blog - 9/4/2018 The Daily CLAD - 9/4/2018 Hooovahh's Blog - 8/24/2018 Brian Hoover's blog focusing on LabVIEW and CAN The LabVIEW Lab - 10/22/2018 Eric Maussion's blog Bloomy's Blog - 8/13/2018 LabVIEW category of Bloomy's official blog Ajay Blog - 10/10/2018 Ajayvignesh's LabVIEW blog Wiresmith - 9/25/2018 James McNally's Blog LabVIEW Craftsmen - 7/3/2018 Wineman Technology Blog - 10/10/2018 LabVIEW category of Wineman's official blog MGI Blog - 6/5/2018 Moore Good Ideas blog Eyes on VIs - 5/25/2018 Christina Rogers blog often focusing on LabVIEW's visual design UI's and UX's QControls - 5/15/2018 Blog series on QControls, and open alternative to XControls Walking The Wires - 5/11/2018 Chirs Roebuck's Blog Not a Tame Lion - 5/5/2016 LabVIEW Artisan - 2/5/2015 Darren Nattinger's LabVIEW blog often highlighting lesser known features of LabVIEW Culverson Software's Blog - 9/20/2014 LabVIEW category of Steve Bird's Blog VI Shots - 7/31/2014 LabVIEW video podcast by Michael Aivaliotis Brian Powell - 12/26/2013 I'm Looking for Videos Similar to blogs, video channels can be hit or miss, and content can become dated. But if you are more of a visual learner these channels offer a chance to learn by watching others. NI Week & CLA Conference - Username: LabVIEW_Videos, Password: LabVIEW GDevCon Conference LabVIEW Architects Forum Delacor's Channel System Automation Solutions LLC Dr. James D Powell NI's LabVIEW Channel LabVIEW ADVANTAGE LabVIEW MakerHub Looking For Certification Help Certification Nugget: CLAD - Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer Certification Nugget: CLD - Certified LabVIEW Developer Certification Nugget: CLA - Certified LabVIEW Architect Connecting With Other LabVIEW Developers User Groups Online communities are a great way to connect and contribute. In addition to online there are Local LabVIEW User Groups which meet regularly to present and understand LabVIEW and NI topics. Find one close you you and subscribe or monitor topics. NI often supports local user groups, but they are in most cases ran and organized by the community. NI Week NI Week is another great way to connect with and learn. Hosted in Austin Texas once a year it is a week long conference with training, discussions, keynotes and other activities. Many previous NI Week videos can be found online but no single source is available which aggregates all marketing, keynotes, and technical sessions in one location. The best resource for content is a site setup for video hosting done by Mark Balla over the years. Summits If you hold a CLA or CLD there are specific summits for you that are free. These are often tailored presentations for a specific skill set with the focus on technical discussion and problem solving. There are two CLA summits, one in Austin Texas, and one in Europe both held once a year. CLD summits happen more frequently and locations change from year to year. Consult their specific discussion forums on NI to see when the next one is. Just like NI Week Mark Balla has several videos available here. Needing Professional Help If a project is getting out of hand and is beyond the skill level of your team, NI suggests looking at one of their Alliance Partners. Contact one in your area, and they will help try to best guide you on your project. I Want To Contribute to the Community Developing Code For Others Arguably the most difficult thing about sharing code, and reusing code, is the mind set and considerations associated with other developers using software you wrote. It is a type of mental exercise where you need to put yourself in the mind of the developer using your software. NI's Reference Deign Portal is a good resource for understanding various coding structures, and best practices for designing code for others, and can help with standardizing code for other developers. TBD (Expect this to be a section on various forums, and code repositories that can be added to along with helping out local user groups, and presenting at NI Week and Summits) Other Important Software Topics Source Code Control (SCC) Recommended SCC for LabVIEW Software Configuration by NI Code Management at Center of Excellence VisualSVN - Free SVN Server Software Delacor Blog with SCC Category -SVN Setup for LabVIEW By Delacor (Video) -Git Setup for LabVIEW By Delacor (Video) SOLID Principals Agile Software Development Principles, Patterns, and Practices (book) How Applying Agile Object-Oriented Design Principles Changes Designs and Code by Dmitry SMoReS development Unit Testing NI Unit Test Group VI Analyzer (Automated Code Inspection) The VI Analyzer is a tool by NI that is included with some versions of LabVIEW and allows for automated inspection of LabVIEW software, to check for various conformity or nonconformity to software practices. The VI Analyzer comes with many useful code checking steps but others can be added. Checkout the VI Analyzer Enthusiasts for more community made tests. LabVIEW Style Checklist Center Of Excellence - Learning VI Analyzer LabVIEW Style Guide Rules to Wire By Part 1 Rules to Wire By Part 2 Virtual Machine Usage TBD

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