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  1. I got some more information on the flickering. It is caused when we do a redraw of the canvas. If you slow down the video of LabVIEW 2015 and before you can actually see the flicker once, when we redraw the canvas. We introduced live redraw in 2016 which makes the flicker obvious because it happens multiple times. I did file CAR 713251 for this which one of my colleagues will prioritize among the other work his teams have on their backlog. With respect to the CAR 493662, I agree that the workaround isn't great. It's only an option if you are both the author and consumer of the .NET
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  2. The content on this page will go away soon. It's currently being migrated. > New Location < Read about the wiki here This thread is intended to be a place for all things LabVIEW to be able to be found. If you have a resource for LabVIEW feel free to reply with your own content. We are interested in things like person blogs, forums, training information, and anything a user of LabVIEW might want. Several links and sections have been lifted from another resource available over on NI labeled the Content and Communities for LabVIEW Application Development. I'm New To Lab
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