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    There is a different API for Installer Builder. It is also not officially supported by NI, but there are a couple of examples that ship with the API to help you learn how to use it: [LabVIEW 20xx]\vi.lib\InstallerBuilder\examples
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    Haha yes, of course. I have had luck using the wlan IP address as well as "raspberrypi.local" to run code on the device. I also installed TeamViewer on the raspberry pi which makes it a lot more convenient to control the device if you don't have extra monitors and keyboards lying around. By the way Chris, I really enjoyed the alarm clock example and how easy it is to interact with those GPIO pins. I made some schematics (tried to submit on Bitbucket as well) to show the connections, which might be a little easier to follow than the real-life pictures. RasPi_Schematics.zip

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