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  1. The options are actually in two places: some are in the LV executable, but most are in RSC files within LV folder. The executable you can open with any RE tool, like Ghidra, or Ida Pro. You could also use 'strings' command to list all text chunks from executable, and guess which of these are ini options. The RSC file you can extract using pylabview, and then you get a list of tokens in XML form, ie. there's part of lvapp.xml: <Section Index="11400" Name="ConfigTokenStrings" Int5="0x00000000" Format="inline"> <String>tmpdir</String>
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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hi everyone, Since GRBL standard is open source, I decided to post my Library that I used in LabVIEW to interface a standard GRBL version 1.1 controller. Not all GRBL function has been integrated, but this is a very good start. Enjoy and let me know your comments. Benoit
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