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  1. Hello I working in Teststand 4.2.1. I'm looking for a way to initiate and check the pressent of the instruments in stalled on the teststation. And start a OI once, and not each time I run a UUT. There have to be a way but I have not found it. So where can I do this? And how is the best way to do this? Thanx
  2. Hello, I'm looking for ides to solve this challenge. I have about 15 different UUT's on one Test station. The test station have some instruments and some router/matrix's to change the path of signal. And there are prepared some customs cables that have different start points on the matrix. we only run one UUT at the time. My goal is to have a test sequence that are ease to add new UUT to. and ease to change instruments configuration. If anyone have any good ides that they can share, I will appreciate it Thanx Clio
  3. I like to have a look at this.
  4. This is annoying. The two highest on my "bug" list is : - you can't save to older version without having them all installed - You can't open a VI that is to old with out having the correct verions installed. For me I need sometimes to open old VI(I have some from 5.0 and 7.0) or exampels that is writen by others. And this is not possible if you install the newest. All this head-banging gives me headache (clam down. Count from 10 to 1 slowly)
  5. Had simular problems. Solved by restarting the computer. Have olso seen that I missing com/GPIB instrumets in the drop down menu. Some times I need to start Max, sometimes I must restart LW, and in worst cases I needed to restart computer
  6. I have seen the same. I'm working on some drivers libs. And I have them all in the same project. And I have some challenged concerning the names on the IV. Some is natural to have the same name. Some not. But that LW is reporting that I have 2 files with same name If anyone have some suggestions I be happy to hear about it Thanx
  7. Hello, When I started this testing seq it was removing the "0" first in the string. with or without the " " But Now I can't reproducer it. But if anyone have any idea on this leave a remark. I try to handle this as a ASCII string, not binary or hex. But maybe Teststand do Thanx String.zip
  8. Hmm I'm talking to my self in this topic. But for some reason it just starting to work. WHY I have done nothing but added some watches. first to see that it was wrong, and after to see that it was correct. If someone knows please leave a remark.
  9. Have you seen any problems with string when propagate them. I have a challenge with the addressing our equipment. it's using ascii base protocol and addressing from 00 to 79. So when I propagate the variable Poss th value change from 07 to 7 and then I missing a char. and this makes the sequence failing (of course). Any I idea ?? Thanx
  10. Hmmm Today it worked. So the solutions is to have the " " on. Without the " " the 0 will not be taken in the string. WHY ??????? OK then I wasted at least 2 hour yesterday on this But there is an other problem with strings that contain a 0 as the first char. When propagate them this 0 is gone. (soon my head hurts) is there any way I can avoid this ?? Please advice
  11. I'm using the property loader to store the position of UUT and instruments com ports. And most of this is working OK. One thing I found strange is that when I load a value "07" (zero seven) as a string this will end up as "7" in Teststand. this is I have tried 07 or "07" with the same result. Is there something I have overlooked in the Teststand ?? or is there something else I can try If not I have to look at checking the value in a statement. Thanx
  12. In order to get started I have used both file-globals and station-globals. But I hope to change this now. I think I use propagate inside a seq. But parrameter between seq. I think I just do some testing THANX
  13. Maybe you don't readout all the data from the buffer ?? Then you also can have overflow. You may need to read the serial buffer more than once before its empty. I using a while loop and the "bytes at serial port" property to be sure that it's empty. See in the case If anyone have things to improve please let me know. This only works on serial interfaces. RS232.vi
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