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  1. It's not funny to be there. Leave the KID alone. He is the guy with the problem. Depending on the boss you have, you can talk to him. Not to harm the KID but to inform your boss about the incident. We have a saying about thins in norwegian, but it can't be translated. due to the double meaning of a word. But in other words You can't make all people happy.
  2. Thanx for your examples. The Idea was to call other seq files that is not in the current file. I think the Parameter passing is what I need. In my project I need to pass over the instrument port, so I think this will work. Thanx. I didn't figure out the propagate thing yet. but I will look into it later I have to be finnished with something first
  3. If you mean the text under your picture This will change automatic depending an the number of post you have. If you pass 1000 post you will be able to sett the text yourself Good lock
  4. Thax I will try this tomorow
  5. I needed a nick on internet. I had a Clio and I'm born in 1975 so I became Clio75
  6. Hello I have attached the project. Testing.zip
  7. I was trying attached a file to a topic, and realized that *seq and *.rar was not possible to upload. *.seq is a teststand file so I just wonder why Bug or feature ??
  8. I'm trying to use the property loader in Teststand 4.1.1 and load and array into an array variable. But I always have problems, or unloaded value. So I have tried: Testarray[tab]test1[tab]test2[tab]test3[tab]test4 OR TestArray [tab]test1 [tab]test2 [tab]test3 [tab]test4 OR Testarray[tab]test1,test2,test3,test4 or XML TestArray <Prop Name="TestArray" Type="Array" LBound="[0]" HBound="[4]" ElementType="Number"> <Value ID="[0]">CRC</Value> <Value ID="[1]">ATT-6</Value> <Value ID="[2]">CRC</Value> <Value ID="[3]">ATT-13</Value> </Prop> If you like to test this, the first 5 in the uut serial number must be 12345 Testing.zip
  9. This happend if you are using diffrent USB port. At least on my computer the serial port is static mapped. so If I choose USB 1 it become com3, if I use USB2 it become com5. But If you have other application that takes these port it have to assign new port to that USB. This is better in LW 8.6 at least. But not perfect. In must cases the instrument gets up without start MAX. But I tried a new instrument yesterday, and this was not found before I restarted MAX and LW.
  10. I like to do something Similar thing. It will be a good Idea. Can I have your Exampel ? I trying to get OOP into my head. But I'm If someone can get my head to understand this I be a happy man. I have a thing I like to draw. An class with interface/protocols. But I don't know how to start. I have Some protocols : MRP, FLP,Comp, SubL, xpcom, other Interface : Serial, Ethernet Thanx
  11. I have also seen different behavior between USB-rs232 and RS232 in the computer. I only needed to clear the error between write and read. It don't make any sense, but This is my experience.
  12. Just a idea, (I have not tested this) A array of diffrent image(yes I know that will be many ). and some code in the back that select the correct image based on the local time.
  13. That can explain things. I reply to my own post after one or two days
  14. I'm using Firefox live bookmark And I also see all the post in each reply.
  15. OK this feature is enabled for me. I have done this on an other topic And I do it again
  16. :worshippy:Thanx Have you ever used it ? If so can you give me an example. (if not I must test this ASAP) Thanx
  17. I had an idea . That I can have different sequence for different instruments. and from different test I can call a sub sequence. Like -Instrument 1 init Read 1 sett 1 load setting - Instrument 2 init Read 1 sett 1 load setting Test Sequence : Insrument 1 init call init in instrument1.seq Instrument 2 init call init in instrument2.seq read level call read1 in instrument.1seq Read volt Call read2 in instrument2.seq And then if you fix a bug in one of your instrument, you will have this implemented direct in all you sequence. So far all OK. But how to handle the values between the sequence?? I like to avoid using station globals. due to the fact that I need to sett up all station globals on each station. And this makes the deployment part more pain in the ...... So if any have suggestions or other alternatives please share your great idea with me Thanx
  18. Not a list of members, but an overview of these text and the level of post you need( see picture)
  19. Is there a overview over these text's under the avatar ? Just curious.
  20. Is there a way of finding all GPIB/VISA/Serial instruments connected to the system programmatic ? (get the same list as VISA showing) When I have found all instruments I need I can start the test. Offen (or always) when I move a system from development to the real test, instruments have not the same setting as I have in the R&D. So If I find a way to find the instruments programmatic this will solve many problems. Thanx
  21. I like to help, But I need more information How is the interface Serial/TCP/IP/GPIB ? Please add more information
  22. Hi crossrulz sorry for asking all this questions, but I really would like to how these are connected and working together. I have made it work. I get the test in the lower window. But I don't understand why. Do you have the time to give me the basic howto in using these queue? Please advice Thanx (again)
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