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  1. send you vi to local NI and prove them that its your vi..bingo they will do the needful
  2. I trully agrre with neil... I have cleared my CLA (that too in first attempt) without going through any NI Trainings..All that you have to do is just practice , get thorough with the appropriate functions that comes up LabVIEW and see some sample program code (if you want to know how things are coded /best practices.)
  3. Hello GrameJ, if my understanding is correct , then an external hard drive is some storage device that could be connected to the PC via USB.... If this is the case then why would be there any problem in taking up the backup of LabVIEW files? isnt it similar of taking backup of any other files (like mp3's)
  4. Actually I am since India lost 2 matches just by 4 runs.... Hmmm i guess we do not have this Developer day in India
  5. or you can try using this vi C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.2\examples\DAQmx\Digital\Read Values.llb\Read Dig Chan.vi
  6. What is a "Coupon" ? Also this may be some use to you http://labviewartisan.blogspot.com/2009/01/labview-certification-preparing-for-cld.html
  7. just slam all of the strings into a Ring control and then replace the ring with an enum. The resulting enum will keep the strings from the ring. Ben is right !
  8. or i would suggest if "Chris. relf" is interested.... he can help you on in this..... By the way Chris.. do you still have the "Cricket bat" on your desk...And Australia won the series againt India
  9. Hello, if you can not find any book (buy/borrow/steal) then the LabVIEW help would give you all the required information with which one can easily pass CLAD (offcorse with some basic knowledge on LabVIEW0
  10. Chad, If you are using "Table", you have to wire a string Array (2D) so that all the data are visible, (You can wire your 2D string array directly to a Table wihout indexing them inside a for loop) Usually the array functions (like the index array) are polymorphic (means to say they can accept data of any type). So if u are stuck because they expect the data type as "double", then either directly wire your data to the input terminal of the "array function" or use the appropriate data conversion (like string to number) or some thing like that.
  11. hello, If you know how long you have to wait before the "Main" vi launches, then simply make another vi with some delay and use a string control/indicator with the property "blinking" enabled (and offcourse with the text "Launching application.Please wait......)
  12. Thanks MArk, I could not reply since we had a long week end out here. I actaullay saw these VI's before posting the thread. But i would like to know is it possible to send set of "FILES" using these vi's? If yes how.. ( I am looking at selecting the existing files and sending it to the destination Path. And to make it a little complex, the target is a H/W running linux)
  13. Hello, Is there any example in LabVIEW which contains/ Implemented with the Xmodem protocol to transfer FILES to the target system / Client from the PC. If anyone has done it, can they share the code or guide to implement the same using LabVIEW?
  14. Hello, I have a simple question (complicated for me now) I have a linux based H/W that gives me its present time in seconds which is of the format "number of seconds since January 1 1970" Now how would i convert the same to the one that Labview function "Format Date/Time String" or "Get Date/Time In Seconds" gives out?
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