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  1. It works on my PC. I'm not sure if your windows account is administrator.
  2. Here is the example of opening on screen keyboard, and closing it. taskkill osk.zip
  3. I'm not sure if this can help you. This document is about how I create and add help to my VIs. I use Dreamweaver to edit HTML and use HTML Help Workshop to create CHM. How to add help to customized VIs.zip
  4. Sorry, I found this property node can set the instance index.
  5. Hi I wanna create a VI with polymorphic subVI by vi scripting. My question is how can I change the instance of polymorphic subVI? Thanks
  6. My VI is launched from menu, so it will be add to NI.LV.Dialog context. Before I invoke GSW by item tag, I will check if there are FP opened VIs, lvlib and lvproj in Application Instance context. What confused me is GSW can be invoked correctly at the first time only. After the first invoke, I've checked there are no FP opened VIs, lvlib and lvproj.
  7. By discussing here, I got alot of innovations to accomplish it. Now it's difficult to judge if there is only my VI running. There are VI windows and non-VI windows (such as lvlib, lvproj). And in my VI, it use other VI's reference. I'm confused.
  8. Yes, it cannot operate correctly even I launch the GSW from my tool by calling GSW VI. But by using the invoke node of "User Interaction.Invoke Menu Item" and setting the ItemTag to "APP_VIEW_GETTING_STARTED" to launch GSW can be operated correctly (GSW can be closed automatically after new...). In LabVIEW, you can launch GSW from menu launch when you've already opened a VI. So I think this can work correctly.
  9. Hi Jgcode, I do really want to launch GSW programmatic. I can launch GSW by VI server without close FP , but it's difficult to figure out when to launch. Thanks a lot
  10. Hi Rolfk, Thanks for your reply. Maybe I do not descript my question well. I really do not want to close FP, but to launch GSW I must. And I cannot figure out if there is only my VI running (to close) or GSW only (to open).
  11. Hi Jgcode, I try to use "Open VI as System", try to add my VI to other application context. But it do not work. If this can be achieved by FP.Close only, I wonder to know: 1. How can I know if it's time to CLOSE? 2. When to re-open the FP of my VI? thanks a lot
  12. Hi Jgcode, Have you resolved your problem? I'm having the same question you are. Could you help me on this? My VI has FP,and want to launch GSW while only my VI running. thanks a lot
  13. Hi GoGators, How did you make your string constant has "Force Unicode Text" item in right-click menu. Thanks
  14. Sorry SciWare, I misunderstand you... I know how to make it now. Thanks a lot.
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