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  1. Here's a dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ey5wngm42eic9g/TDAQ750.zip?dl=0
  2. Thanks for that. I did a quick test and it looks good. I'll report back if I find any problems. Any ETA of when the fix will see a release?
  3. I just ran in to this exact bug today (empty array output when no delimeters found). After a bit of testing, I'm confused as to what the expected output of the function is when Ignore Duplicate Delimiters is set. It certainly differs from my expectation! Here are a few test strings I tried, with my expected output vs the actual output. All tests used comma as the delimiter, and have ignore duplicate delimiter set true. Test Input Expected Output Actual Output string1,string2 {"string1", "string2"} {"string1", "string2"} string1,,string2 {"string1", "string2"} {"string1", "string2"} string1 {"string1"} {} ,string1 {"", "string1"} {} ,,string1 {"", "string1"} {} string1, {"string1", ""} {"string1", ""} string1,, {"string1", ""} {"string1", ""} ,string1, {"", "string1", ""} {"string1", ""} ,,string1,, {"", "string1", ""} {"string1", ""} , {"", ""} {} ,, {"", ""} {}
  4. As far as I can tell from the System Exec VI help, this isn't possible: That said, it should be possible to redirect WinSCP's stdin and stdout with the use of a DLL wrapper. An article on Code Project titled "Redirecting an arbitrary Console's Input/Output" describes just this. If SCP/SFTP is what you're after then an external FTP library such as libcurl might be of use. Again this requires DLL calls (and is probably more complex to implement).
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