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  1. What! That is fantastic! Filipe you are the man... (Do you need beta testers???)
  2. Just poking this old thread to see how things are going with the MLua project...
  3. Yes you are correct. A 32 bit windows app should be placed in the c:\program file (x86). It appears that the LabVIEW installer build will let you specify an arbitrary absolute installation path but if you name it c:\program files it will silently install in the x86 directory. This is one of those cases where the customer is not always right and I will attempt to explain again that their request to put a 32 bit application in the 64 bit directory does not make sense, is misleading and in fact maybe impossible to do in a standard LabVIEW installation build.
  4. Normally, my project installers all default to the c:\program files (x86) directory since I have the 32 bit version of LabVIEW. I have a customer that would like their installer to install to c:\program files. I have tried to add a c:\program files absolute path to the list of destination directories and have also marked it as the default directory. No matter the installer still uses the original (x86) default directory. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?
  5. I have a customer in the clinical assay processing business that would like to setup a LIMS system to automate and manage their workflow and interface to various off the shelf and custom analytical Instruments and robotics. In my search of various LIMS on the market I noticed that at one time there was a LIMS written in LabVIEW by a company called Cardiac which is no longer in business. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this or similar products.
  6. Your post prompted me to finally dig around for this one and guess what? C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2013\vi.lib\Utility\Range And Ratio.llb\Scale Value to New Range.vi Can you imagine how many folks (myself included) have created their own version of this?
  7. It seems to me that if a cluster has unnamed elements, like in a slider with multiple sliders, it should still attempt to create a viable ini representation. Has anyone considered this yet?
  8. As predicted, I was doing something stupid. What looked like a fired user event was really something entirely different and explainable. Thanks anyway for your sobering "this sinmply cannot be true" reality check
  9. I have two identical vi's (app1 and app2) that both create a user event and register that event in a event structure. I have confirmed that each vi generates a unique User Event and Registration Refnum. I am finding that a triggered user event in app1 seems to also be received in app2. How is this possible? I am pretty certain that I must be doing something completely stupid but right now I cannot see it. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. BTW this is LV 13.0f2
  10. Did you run devcon.exe with the 'restart' switch? http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/ff544807(v=vs.85).aspx
  11. You can use a window utility called devcon.exe to restart a USB port. That might force LabVIEW to refresh its VISA driver. You can programmatically call devcon with the system exec.vi
  12. Ok I am going to update to vipm 2014... Rats!...vipm 2014 update is freezing up at the 'Checking for a newer version' dialog Maybe I need to manually uninstall vipm 2013 first?
  13. The latest task manager vip did not load on vipm 2013. I have LV2013 and 2010 on my machine
  14. 0MG, nanomsg... Now that would make an interesting VIShots episode.
  15. Here is a demo of cluster to SQLite. It uses the 'other' SQLite toolkit SQLite Cluster Demo.zip
  16. As an aside, I think the Import Web Service Wizard could be an amazing tool to help facilitate using LabVIEW to interoperate with the rest of the modern web based world. For some reason there are very few (none?) use case examples to be found. Maybe because its so hidden in the tools menu nobody knows about it or like me forgot how to find it again.
  17. This might help with the login part... https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/interactive-internet-interface-oauth-toolkit-for-labview or maybe you can get the salesforce WSDL and use the LabVIEW Import Web Service Wizard http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api/Content/sforce_api_quickstart_intro.htm#choose_wsdl
  18. I had this brainy idea the other day to help a customer create an event scheduler by using google calendar to manage the events. I could setup the events to send notifications (email or SMS?) to my app which would then decode a command embedded in the event description field. The other possibility would be use the google calendar web services to poll for upcoming events. Notifiction by email at first sounds good but then I still have to essentially poll an email server. Anybody ever tried to do something like this before?
  19. Can you use the strings[] property of the combo box to change the list to reflect the items still available to select?
  20. Unfortunately the native sound card library does not include a way to poll for the buffer pointer. You can get the 'is playing' status but that would probably not avoid glitching. I think the correct way to do this is with a ring buffer scheme. You might have better luck with this library since it can assign multiple output buffers... http://www.zeitnitz.de/Christian/waveio?mid=9
  21. You might look into this library... http://www.zeitnitz.de/Christian/waveio?mid=9
  22. All - thank you for the great replies! I think I was just saved from a serious potential error in judgement. I am now settled on changing my original attempt at a fixed price contract to a much simpler consulting by the hour approach. I have tried to offer a best estimate of the hours required but a large body of inherited software that is unfinished and untested has too many uncertainties for me to be held accountable.
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