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  1. This was just posted, and might be of help http://forums.lavag.org/Enable-Disable-and...8311#entry48311
  2. Thanks Tim. Their people seem to be very responsive and their driver seems to be well integrated in LV. I agree that their terminal block setup could be better. I priced out a couple of future systems we want to do and found that on average the NI cDAQ solutions are a little less expensive. Denis
  3. Hi All, was wondering if anyone has used United Electronic Industries (www.ueidaq.com) hardware with LabVIEW. I'm primarily interested in their 'PowerDNA' product line, but any feedback (good and/or bad) would be appreciated. Thanks Denis
  4. I've been using PDF995 and it seems to work relatively well. If you read through the Developer's FAQ you sould be able to achieve the automated functionality. It isn't the best solution that I can think of, but it only costs $10 for the non ad supported version. Good luck
  5. This might help http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/935...625711E0055F1FA Denis
  6. QUOTE(cmay @ Feb 8 2008, 12:11 PM) Here you go
  7. <cite>QUOTE(tcplomp @ Feb 8 2008, 05:21 AM) </a></cite> I'm not sure. I've used it in Vista and XP (Net 2.0). I believe it should work for Net 1.1 and above.
  8. There seemed to be alot of interest in this so i thought I would share this code. I have not used it in a real project yet so user beware. If you come across any problems, or improvements, please post. Denis See here for download:
  9. Hi Kevin, have a look at the Filter express VI. I think its subVIs "FIR Filter for N chan.vi" and "IIR Filter for N Chan.vi" are what you are looking to do. Good luck Denis
  10. Hi TG, I think the root of your problem is that you are using one user event/event registration for all your clones. You should have one for each clone. Find attached a modified version of your code that should work properly. Note that the global variables should be replace with some other mechanism. Good luck Denis
  11. Not sure why you are having problems, works fine on my PC. WinXP LV8.0.1
  12. Seems to me that the next logical step is to compile the modules into EXE form. Then you wouldn't have to worry if all of its subVIs are present, they would simply be part of the exe. I guess the question is; could that main application EXE link to the module code in the plug in EXEs?
  13. That explains it. So this is not a bug. Michael, can you move/delete this post to somewhere more appropriate?
  14. Find attached a VI that takes a number, increments it, and then displays it. I find that when I perform this operation on the numbers 16,777,216 or 36,564,036 the result is incorrect. This seems to occur on various ranges around this number as well. I'd appreciate it if a few people would have a look at this VI to confirm that I'm not missing something obvious. Thanks Download File:post-1881-1145285924.vi
  15. Here is the download for the latest SDK for windows XP http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en Denis
  16. www.msdn.com I find it very difficult to find stuff here, but if you put enough time into it you will find what you need. In the past I have installed the MS SDK documentation from the LabWindows/CVI installation. This tool is much easier to use. Good luck Denis
  17. Here you go, I just cut and pasted from somewhere, so some clean up maybe required. Hope this helps Denis Download File:post-1881-1144938178.vi
  18. Hi All, I am evaluating a pocket PC. One of the things I am trying to find out is if PDA supports shared variable. I couldn't find an answer in documentation or on ni.com, so I thought I would load up the software and give it a go. Once installed, I created a new target (PDA) with a shared variable, so far so good. But, when I try using the shared variable in a VI targeted for the PDA I get an error (see attached image). I'm not really sure what the error means. I was wondering if anyone has gone down this path yet and might be able to shed some light on the problem. Thanks for your help Denis
  19. Hi All, Has anyone taken the time to create a VI that will convert a 2D array of something into a .mat data file? I have found a number of level 4 generating VIs, but all of these seem to be useful for only one set (variable) of data, and unfortunately I can't seem to find any documentation on how to store multiple data sets in one file. At least for a level 4 .mat file I have found documentation for level 5 .mat files that would allow multiple sets of data. So if anyone has taken the time to code this up, and doesn't mind sharing, I would like to see your code. Thanks for your help Denis
  20. Hi All, I have built an EXE with debugging enabled. I run the EXE, it opens up unstarted. Then in LV's project explorer I go to Operate>Debug Application... When I attempt to connect to me EXE I get an error message as shown in the included image. Anyone have any thoughts? How can there be an incompatibility with the debug protocol? All this is being done on the same PC. Any help is appreciated
  21. I had a quick look and didn't see anything in the license manager for this. Where did you find it?
  22. Hi All, This project consists of two applications. Application A monitors some equipment and needs to be run as a service. Application B is a UI and is started at miscellaneous times by the operator. Application B communicates to Application A via TCP. I build A and B into executable and built an installer that installs Application B and copies Application A
  23. I put it in a subVI and found that it is more then twice as fast (I set it as a subroutine). Also, NI's function causes a buffer allocation, where as this method doesn't. Maybe the buffer allocation is the reason for the slower execution...
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