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  1. Using the concept of links. In Windows there are hard links and symbolic links. How does this difference affect the behavior of this proposed solution? Also, creating these links required Admin rights. Of course this seems somewhat expected in the world of installers.
  2. That moderation extension seems like it might work.
  3. Where to start. A wiki here a wiki there, everywhere a wiki. We used to have a section on LAVA which was like a Wiki many many years ago. However, I shut it down. Reasons: Users didn't know it was a Wiki and instead of posting questions to the forum, would create new Wiki pages with their questions. This was a nightmare to moderate. It was setup so that when you created a Wiki page, the discussions for that page, would be linked to dedicated forum threads. Again, more confusion, since it was not a model commonly used elsewhere on the web. The forum\wiki blend was not very intuitive and it made the site hard to "figure out". Nobody cared or understood the wiki. A handful of people used it and never really caught any steam. After that experiment was shut down, I decided to create a separate domain dedicated to the LabVIEW Wiki. It was labviewwiki.org. I still own this domain. I think this was 2009, I don't recall. But anyway, I used the same open-source software that powered wikipedia, mediawiki. Here's the wiki-index page: https://wikiindex.org/LabVIEW_Wiki. Seems like it had around 300 pages. MediaWiki is super powerful, but not intuitive for new editors. I spent most of the time creating templates and documentation describing how to edit pages. I created a lot of the content but there were some others who added unique content like all the LabVIEW ini keys. All the keyboard shortcuts. All the hidden scripting features (before it was mainstream), etc. It was pretty cool. And yes, we had awesome landing pages and getting started pages that I spend hours and hours crafting. I was young and motivated. The problem was that we got struck with a rash of spammers. More like bots. They would go through and create hundreds of pages overnight. In that environment, you need moderators and editors to delete the pages and watch for edits. I was the only moderator and admin. So my plate was full. I ended up locking it down and forced it so that you had to have a login account to edit pages. On top of that, the login's had to be manually approved by me to prevent bot accounts. Of course, a wiki cannot be maintained or augmented by one person. The whole point is to have a community edit the pages. Not sure if Wikia (or MediaWiki) has solved the spamming issue. @The Q, I noticed a lot of the content is scraped from ni.com. Have to be careful about this and copyright claims. One thing I was very careful about with the LabVIEW Wiki I worked on was to create original content as much as possible. Also, what's the point of just duplicating ni.com. That's pointless in my opinion. Google does an excellent job of getting the info you need from multiple sources. But that's my opinion and the community edits should drive that of course. Sounds like the community wants to reboot the Wiki idea like Hollywood reboots comic book heroes. Sure, let's see where this goes. @The Q seems to be enthusiastic about it. Are there others here willing to put the time and effort into building the content? Any volunteers? If there is some real interest, then I can try to resurrect the old Wiki content and domain (not sure if the content it's salvageable, but I can try). Then we can go from there. I don't have time to admin the site but I can hand over the keys to someone that has more time.
  4. @panerabread your local store stopped bringing orders to the table. Why? That personal service made the difference for me.

  5. @johncampea Check out this fan for your studio. Help you keep cool and quiet: https://t.co/r97fElc2vF

  6. Run with me at #niweek #10k365 https://t.co/qQORf44bhR

  7. VI Shots LLC will be donating an Apple TV 4K 32Gb More info here: https://www.apple.com/apple-tv-4k/
  8. Day 16 of 365: https://t.co/TqqCoOjc4I via @YouTube

  9. I'll be there this year!! If you want to save money, you can share a room with me. Just ask. Also, come running with me in Austin.
  10. Day 12 of 365: https://t.co/xHPJVnwljW via @YouTube

  11. Hey fellow LAVA people. I just turned 50 on April 2nd, and wanted to do something challenging for me, both mentally a physically. I'm running 10K every day for a year and raising money for cancer research. If you want to follow along on my journey, you can subscribe to the 10K365 youtube channel for the latest. Then go on over to 10K365.com and give whatever you can. Thanks, I consider all of you as friends and one of the reasons I love LabVIEW.
  12. Well, I've found a workaround to the above problem in the meantime. But to your question, this cluster doesn't physically exist. This is dynamically generated from various sources. I then pass the variant data into another function that processes it into a specific file format. So it's a means to an end. The data size is simply a factor of a lot of configuration parameters. This is an old app. Probably, if i was to redo it, I would take different approach. But it is, what it is.
  13. After I woke up this morning, and had a coffee, I did some probing and came to the same conclusion. We have a roll-over situation on the U16\I16 combo for the array length math. So digging into the type descriptors doc in the LabVIEW help (which I never thought I would have to do today), it seems that there are two formats (7.x and 8.0). OpenG uses the 7.x format I assume. So is this fixable by updating how OpenG handles type descriptors and making it use the 8.0 format? Or is it more than that?
  14. At a high level, I'm taking an array of variant data and trying to convert it to a variant cluster using the openg variant tools. However, I'm getting a low level error, and not sure why. I'm using the "Array to VCluster__ogtk.vi". Now the variant array has 997 elements. Could this be the reason? Is there a limit? I've attached the LabVIEW 2014 VI with the data as a constant so you can run it yourself. You'll need the OpenG variant tools installed. Untitled 9.vi
  15. There was a crashed cache table in the database which I repaired. I think this might have been the source of the problems. So perhaps it's fixed now. Not sure how this table always gets corrupt. Mysteries of MYSQL and the forums software.
  16. I'm blind. Right. I guess I'm trying to figure out the advantage of this programing method vs just using the "set variant attribute" primitive. I just want to add or update an attribute value. Not necessarily read it or access it for any reason. The primitive adds the attribute if it's missing anyway.
  17. In the attached image found in the LabVIEW examples, you can see the code on the right. It shows how to add the attribute if it's not found. My question is why is the code on the outside of the IPE and not in the False case, on the inside?
  18. Don't use open-source libraries at all in your project if this is one of the project requirements.
  19. Thanks for the tip about the speedup site. I'll try that. There must be CPU cycles consumed where LabVIEW is purposefully advancing the GIF, one frame at a time. So a larger sized GIF or one with a significant color depth will be slower.
  20. Is it possible to control the speed of animated GIFs in LabVIEW UIs? It seems that the speed of the animation is slower when placed on a LabVIEW UI.
  21. I've decided to switch the LabVIEW General forum back to a simple discussion forum layout rather that the question and answer style. Perhaps if IPS decides in the future to add back the old capability where you can have a discussion style but still mark the correct answer, then I may switch to that. Until then. I'll just leave it alone.
  22. That was over 5 years ago. Always means less than 5 years. But seriously, those posts you link to are referring to the CR downloads. Which you can still download without logging in, BTW. The NI forum complaint is referring to forum post downloads. That's always (more than 5 years) been like that. Now that I think about it. I'm not sure why the CR area doesn't require login to download. That doesn't make sense. I might have to change that.
  23. So what's the problem? You always needed an account to download stuff. That's not new. I think creating new accounts is working as evidence by a steady flow of new registrations.
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