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  1. I'm currently using Bitbucket, but I've used other cloud services and have used GitHub as well. The ones I've used have limitations and typically cap your repo size at 2 Gb. Recently I hit this limit on a large project. Mainly because of all the support files. However if you've worked on any large LabVIEW project that has constant development for a decade, then you can probably hit this limit considering the binary nature of LabVIEW source. So this question is mostly to get community feedback on what approach you use to handle this, if at all. I went down a rabbit hole recently on one big
  2. I was able to change your username to Bryan.
  3. Hey, sorry, just saw this. I'll see if i can change SouthPaw to Bryan. The Wiki admin stuff is not as sophisticated as the one here on LAVA and they are not connected either. Let me see what I can do.
  4. Stupid question. Why don't you open a file handle once then just keep the file handle open while writing, then close it at the end of the program? When you write to an open file handle, the file pointer stays at the last write point.
  5. In this last post of the working snippet. can you explain how you added the image/snippet? I can't seem to reproduce your embed process. When I add an image it adds it and the name changes with an appended hash. it also changes the behavior so when you click it, it pops up in a viewer window. However, with your embed, the image retains its name and clicking it does nothing.
  6. Can someone point me to an online post with a working snippet? On LAVA or elsewhere.
  7. I haven't seen this on program stop. However, I have seen it on program start in a clean environment. It's probably not related to your issue, but it's specific to one project only for me. I was in contact with NI and the only way for them to solve this is to send them the whole project.
  8. So the main problem is getting the installer build script to get updated with the correct EXE build. I wonder if there's a way to signal that change to the installer script. I've never seen this issue. However, I usually just programmatically run the installer build script right after the EXE build script and it works every time. Do you have the project open while doing all this?
  9. I think you'll get better support on that over in the NXG support forum.
  10. In the LabVIEW options. If you toggle Automatically close VISA sessions, on or off. Does it make a difference?
  11. In current gen? Well, that's a different problem. You could elaborate on that in a separate thread and we could help.
  12. Yes, I remember when this feature came out. I was very happy about it. Then I foolishly trusted it. Then I discovered a bug in this feature by accident. The auto-mutation failed. So now I was burned again by a feature that I was suppose to trust to solve the original problem. You see why I'm shell-shocked.
  13. I'm confident you have data to support your argument. However, I've been burned so many times that I cannot keep track of if it was fixed or what version it was fixed or even if it was fixed but is buggy and it works only under certain conditions. I have lost money because of this and don't risk it anymore. Sorry. But the fact that it was an issue for so many years and only addressed in 2015, gives me pause. Again, not doubting your statement, but I don't trust it.
  14. I strongly suggest you don't even touch NXG. LabVIEW 2018 has Python support if that's what you need.
  15. It's worse than what you show. I see a lot of typedefs there. One issue with your approach is that there is no guarantee your values will remain when you update your typedefs. I have been using LabVIEW long enough to know that you should never trust typedefs on the block digram to keep the values when they get updated. I would change your code right now because it will fail in the future.
  16. Please check again. I think something got changed in the upgrade, but i think i fixed it now. You can use this forum for testing: https://lavag.org/forum/2-for-testing/
  17. Creating a crio image is a little different than changing the entire OS stack from Windows to Linux. You can image a crio using the Replication and Deployment utility. I use this all the time. I think you would need to get the installation image NI uses to setup that specific Linux cRIO and some instructions. NI has the image and they can choose to give it to you or not. If they can't provide it due to warranty or licensing issues. Then they should offer a service where you send it in so they can do it for free or even a fee. It's not unreasonable to ask for a service fee since this
  18. Not sure what's going on but their download speed is a snails pace across the board.
  19. I mentioned that I would make an announcement when new account creation will be available. Well, today's the day! I added a google captcha system on the Wiki so it will prevent bot registrations. I think this is working. I haven't seen any spammers for a couple days that it's been running. So if you have the urge to contribute or use the Wiki for your LabVIEW related content, then go right ahead. There's no restriction at the moment to what content is allowed. As long as it relates to LabVIEW in some way and adds some useful information. There will be ongoing editing of course as content
  20. Hey LAVA worshipers! Just wanted to update y'all on recent changes to the site. LAVA and the WIKI are now running on a dedicated server. You will notice that the site runs faster because of this. Also because of the transfer, we got more disk space which will help if we want to host a repo in the future. Anyway, just wanted to keep you in the loop so you know that there's work happening behind the scenes to keep the LAVA site running smoothly and with the latest features. Some of the funds for this comes from the site ads and some comes from the yearly LAVA BBQ. So thank you all for your cont
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