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  1. Are you the one naming the files? Why not create a folder structure and naming convention that does not require searching? A predictable naming strategy will allow you to locate the file based on the pre-designed naming algorithm. I have no idea if you can control the naming but just wanted to suggest this.
  2. @Neil Pate I think what you're doing is fine. I've used that strategy as well. I think you can enhance the design by adding a globally registrable message that can notify a process that the config has changed and that it can perform a certain action based on that. The question is, why does the process care about the change. Because if it's an action-engine then won't the process get the new config whenever it happens to read\need the global data again? I think that's the thing you need to look at. For example, the process has a UI that displays Units and the units have changed in the config so that must be reflected on the screen. So then it might be registered for a global user event called: "Update UI". Or it could be called "Config Changed". Then the process must do the appropriate thing. Where the data comes from is secondary. Another approach I use involves lvoop. I create a configuration class that contains one or more DVRs. Any other class that needs the configuration data contains the configuration class.
  3. So is what percentage of the overall code is LabVIEW and how many active LabVIEW developers do you have?
  4. Well, see Google is starting to do this because they want to "fix the web". There is nothing seriously broken with LAVA. it's as @ShaunR points out. Less secure because of the outdated TLS 1.0. The problem lies with the web server OS that LAVA runs on. So it's nothing I can quickly fix with my intervention. However, I'm aware of the situation. It's on my mind. I'm trying to figure out what modules and software layers need to change on the server, who can make the change, and how much will it cost me. So what we have is better than no https. But definitely not up to snuff.
  5. Never heard of it. Seems like a proprietary system. So you guys have a lot of PLC code?
  6. As I mentioned at the start. We can't have the old system. I'm not married to any one method. Just getting feedback. Vote at the poll up top to give your opinion.
  7. Just want to give an update that I think IPS support fixed our missing images issue. Let me know if you notice other posts with missing images because of the upgrade.
  8. Actually, that blip at the end is due to the new forum layout. I think it's better understood now, how to create an account in the new layout. Onboarding is easier now. Or it could be a new wave of spammers...
  9. If you follow and read this Blog. You will see NI discussing all the areas they are investing in for the future of LabVIEW. Interspersed with marketing BS. But the info is there. https://decibel.ni.com/content/blogs/labview-news-english/
  10. The stats on this can't be relied upon because there is an issue with fake accounts. So this may be showing the latest wave of spammers rather than real user interest.
  11. I moved this thread to the lounge. The Wiki content still exists, I think. It has some technical issues to resolve. I will take a cursory look into the effort it will take to resurrect it. Before it went dark, the ability to edit was only enabled for account holders and I got zero requests from people to create an account in over 5 years. But I guess it only takes 1 person with determination to get the ball rolling.
  12. I also wanted to clarify. The "Like this" button is to give reputation points to the author only. It's always been that way and it hasn't changed. However, there are changes to that we can make as well, but I'll leave that for another post.
  13. One thing I like about the Q&A format is all the unanswered posts float to the top. It facilitates those wanting to help people. I noticed many posts left unanswered. Why?
  14. ooooo buuuuurn! But the platform allows extensions. if you can create one then I may add it. I like downvoting. I couldn't find anything to disable it. But I mean, if you can upvote, then you should be able to downvote. It makes sense. Perhaps there's a community plugin for it.
  15. Actually, you can view the responses the old way or by rating with one click.
  16. So with the site upgrade came some changes in the way solutions can be flagged as solving the original poster's question. Previously, there was a button next to a post that allowed you to mark an answer as the best solution to a question. Now this has been removed. It was removed because there is creators of the forum software decided that question and answer-type interactions are different from "discussions" where there is no clear answer. So now there are 2 types of forums. Discussions and question\answer. The "question" in this post is: Do you think we should change-over some of the forums into a question\answer format? Of course without context, how can you answer that? So I decided to switch one of the forums to a question\answer format. That way, we can all experience what it's like. The LabVIEW General forum has been switched (it can be switched back). As always, feedback welcome.
  17. So it looks like I'm getting biased answers. I get it. Nobody hangs out on ni.com. I'll use the line I use on my kids. "Just tell me the truth, you won't get in trouble, I promise."
  18. Here are new topic stats for LAVA since 2009: New post stats of the same period. The dips at the beginning of every year is the Christmas break and New Years. Perhaps the groups served by LAVA are shrinking?
  19. I've been away from the LAVA forums for a couple years. Recently, due to some site maintenance. I decided to hang out and check out some of the cool discussions here on LAVA... I'm still trying to find them. So is LabVIEW just fading in popularity? Being relegated to some obscure language nobody cares about? Or have the cool kids gone somewhere else? Where do you go to discuss exciting LabVIEW topics, or even boring ones? I really want to know because I want to hang out there too! LAVA served a purpose to connect people in an independent forum where none existed before. Does LAVA still need to exist in this age of hundreds of ni.com communitiues? Has LAVA's glory passed? Or is it simply that we need some restructuring to get interest back again? Honest feedback welcome.
  20. Ya it seems to be Chrome related. But restarting Chrome or clearing the Cache fixes it.
  21. Well, if you call the dialog and you don't have a cached previous path. then you feed it a known location. For example, the user documents folder. Every other time, you use the previously used path.
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