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  1. My private laptop is kind of limited of diskspace (and at work I have complete set of 7.0 throught 8.2) 7.1 is very usefull when you are using scripting. Ton
  2. Hi Dave, I don't really understand what your problem is but I think it bothers you that in a build program the 'about' menu is about LabVIEW and not your program? This is a trick you can use to always use the same about window. If you use a 'about.vi' in your build (dynamically loaded) the builder will couple the 'about...' menu with this VI link (a bit old bit it should work) Ton
  3. I think i've found a good way to deal with the afterprobe. I had some code that was buggy, but it was too big to 'highlight' the code. Put a breakpoint before execution of this part and one after. At hitting the first breakpoint started 'afterprobing' and examined the code at the second breakpoint, remove afterprobe and continue as normal. In this way I was able to get a 'screenshot' of some code and how it works without filling my screen with tens of probes or creating an extensive logfile. Ton
  4. Hi Packstove, their is no speed advantage, calling a subvi will cause some overhead (6 usec if I recall) However it will give you the option to do something programmers like: more with less work! You can use the same code over and over again. And problems are easier to track (if done right). Ton
  5. I think there is a way to bypass the windows dialog. There is as far as I know an option to use a crossplatform file-dialog, I suppose this one don't have that option. Another thing would be looking for a .NET class that will handle the case. Unfortunately I can't test it right now because I'm uninstalling 8.0 and installing 8.2 [Edit:]Found it, it is an option in Tools>Options>Envirenment>Use native File dialogs[/edit] Ton
  6. Hello Alphaone, a answer (and a solution) can be found here Ton
  7. Hello t2rock, Unfortunately I can't see what country your from but if you are using a non-english have a look here Ton
  8. Christian Altenbach has offered part of the solution: link I've modified this a bit. Download File:post-2399-1156958417.vi Ton It even can be generalized if i've only got the time....
  9. This is a bug originated in LV 8 LV 8 buglist and solved in 8.2, I don't have a fix for it (and i've tried ), only upgrading will do Ton
  10. Good question and observation, I *think* i know the answer. I read once on the NI forums to force LabVIEW to handle arrays inplace (eg. on the same memory location) in a subvi there should be (at least) one case where the data is not allocated, this would force the other cases to use inplaceness also. I think this is the main difference in both VI's, maybe if you add another case (-1) where the data just flows through gives you a better solution. Ton
  11. That's why I use the 4.x conversion The reason the endian conversion went wrong was because you endian-conversed the whole data-set as one. The following code should work: The decimate and interleave array split the array in byte-order (I use 8 arrays) and reconnects them reversed. Ton
  12. Hi Paul, it seems strange to me as well, but here are my thoughts. First I don't think you need 4.x conversions. The only thing (as far as i know) that changed is the storage of booleans that were stored as single bit and now are stored as bytes (but we can use that). I'm not sure about 7.1 but maybe you are converting EOL/EOF? these shouldn't be converted (right click on the read file vi). Now to control what happens you have to make sure you read the same data from the file and then do the following: The boolean array will show (bitwise!) where the data differs, you can check this after every conversion made also have a look at the length's of both converted boolean array if these differ by 32 you are reading the length of the data as well One addition in the not-working state you can skip the first type cast and how does you're endian conversion work on 15000 csg's? Ton PS could you add a sample file?
  13. CROSSPOST Hi j21, show us your code and we might take a look at it. but the coffee was good so.... but first 00070008 is 458760. This '0007 0008' is that ASCII,dec, hex, oct or unicode?, is there a space after the 7? How many bytes (2/3/4/5/8/9) Ton PS Michael when can we add 8.2 to our profile?
  14. The icon editor discussed here is not meant for executables but for VI-icons. However it can be modified to build .ico files to go with the executables! Ton
  15. Hello All, I am working on a combined AO/DI application. I need to use a correlated timing for the digital input I create a counter as clock source for the DI. This counter uses ao/StartTrigger as start trigger. On a PCI system teh signals are very good correlated. On a USB 6251 (which I don't have at my development station :thumbdown: ) the analog output is started 2 second after the analog output comes on screen. Does anyone know if the correlation is still correct? because that would be a major issue for me! Thanks a lot, Ton
  16. And how is recovery coming? A reinstall of IMAQ didn't do you any good? Ton
  17. It is strange indeed, in LV 8.2 and 7.1 the same occurs. But looking at the help states that: But still it should not do a typecast of U16 to I16 but a conversion.. seems like some work for NI Ton PS there is no difference when connecting the U16 directly to the indicator
  18. With a valid SSP you can use this version without problems! Ton
  19. Wow you're fast, but it is correct you cannot access data insade an object directly, you have to make a method for this. On the NI forums there is a white paper about OO in LV 8.2, this is a very good explenation about the implementation in G. I think this white paper should be shipped with LabVIEW Ton
  20. Drink a beer on me in Austin! Ton PS who is memeber number one?
  21. Does anyone knows if this version ships with the august package? Ton
  22. Thanks, I have an issue where the builder is looking for the february device drivers disc for some reason, reinstalling the may discs didn't help. This is very helpfull, but could you give a pointer to where this registry entry is? Ton
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