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  1. I've had no problem running you're example (8.0.1), the only thing you have to remind is that you can't initialize with 'no change' setting this kills you're loop BEFORE the first run. (error -820) Ton
  2. Well today I can add an attachements.... aaahhhh who needs proxies anyway?? Ton Download File:post-2399-1142321884.vi
  3. Tested it, (at work where i can't post) and forgot to take the VI home... But the good news is, it works. You can create a new project: Use the 'new' method of the application->project class With the new reference you can do a lot of things. Only I haven't tested the creation of a build, I think this takes a LOT of settings... Together with i2dx's tool it should be very interesting, if I remember it tomorrow afternoon I wil post the code tomorrow Ton
  4. I THINK you can do it from LabVIEW, I can't check it at home, but I recall that the new VI-Server has references (with methods and properties) for Project Items. I was thinking about this since it would equalize the project settings between the different LV-programmers at our site. You should be carefull with the XML files The .lvlib files (Also coded in XML) have some binary info with them as my co-worker found out... If I get it working (Scripting Projects) I will share (some of) my code! Ton
  5. The grey colour also appears in Get Image. Additioanally, setting the background colour of stacked charts isn't reliable. I can't make them all transparent, looks like a drawing problem. The part hidden by a pop-up window (tooolbox or so) while by transparent, but an update of the panel makes it grey again. Ton I'll hope to check this today with 8.0.1
  6. Hello Daniel, an abvious? one would be a template VI with the discription with the info you edited. This would implement that for each comment you need another subVI... Another thing could be a discription added to some data, so that if you hover the corresponding wire the info pops up. both solutions give the data in the instant help window. Ton
  7. What do you mean by a null-string? A zero length string? And what type of cluster do you have. Does it include a string (where length information is stored with the data) Success Ton
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