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  1. I've always had permissions in the past on older versions of LV. Plus I'm an administrator on this PC so I can't see why I wouldn't have permission. George
  2. In LV2010 the color history isn't kept when LV is exited - at least on my PC. Is there a new setting that I'm missing that allows the history to be kept? George
  3. False alarm. Turns out the problem was that I had set the range on the DMM to 100 uA (it used to be set higher). Apparently at this setting the internal drop across the DMM is enough to interfere with my circuit in such a way that I thought it was disconnected. George
  4. I think something changed in the niDMM code in LV2010 SP1. My code worked fine before the SP1 upgrade. The problem is I need the DMM to allow current to flow through it (in current measurement mode) even when I'm not making a measurement. Before the upgrade I used a niDMM Initiate VI to do that. Even after a waveform measurement my circuit, current was still allowed to go through the DMM. Now after the upgrade, the DMM opens up after the measurement. I have to reinit the DMM before current will flow again. What's the correct way to setup a DMM so that it can be left in the circuit at all times? George
  5. Interesting. I'll look into it further. I hope LV2010 doesn't have a bug. George
  6. Thanks, but all the TypeClass property tells me is that it's IVI. Doesn't really help much. I was looking for what type of IVI instrument it is - like DMM or DC power. George
  7. Is it possible to programatically get the IVI class of an IVI control? It's easy enough to determine if the reference type of a control is IVI (Getrefnuminfo.vi), but I can't figure out how to get the class. I'm using LV2010. George
  8. It'd be helpful to see what you have so far so we can make suggestions. George
  9. That's what I'm seeing too except the delay can be more like 5 to 10 seconds. I don't see it all the time - even in the same VI / Project. I don't know what' s different when it works. It doesn't seem to be related to how loaded down the system is. It may have something to do with how long I've been editing in a given project, but I can't be sure yet. George
  10. What happened? Did you fall asleep while typing? I'm confused. First you said moving the data directory helped, but now it's bad again. What happened? George
  11. I always work withing a project. Since I often have two projects opened this is the only way to go. I tried a large VI without loading the project and editing seemed fine. So I opened the project and edited the same VI. The response time was about the same. This makes me wonder if it's some kind of system issue. My memory usage was about where it normally is so that probably isn't the cause. George
  12. I'm using LV2010 on Windows XP (although I saw the same thing with LV2009). It takes at least 10 seconds after I drop a VI (and other things too) on my diagram before I can do anything else in LV. Is there some setting that will fix that. Is it maybe recompling every time? This is getting really old. George
  13. I figured it out. I had loaded DAQmx 9.2.1 when I still had LV2009. My LV2010 DVDs were from August and had an older DAQmx. So when I loaded the Device Drivers from my LV2010 DVDs it didn't install anything. George
  14. I just upgraded from LV2009 to LV2010. I installed the DAQ device drivers as well. I can't find any DAQmx VIs. Measurement and Automation Explorer says that NI-DAQmx version 9.2.1f2 is installed. But in LabVIEW there are no DAQmx VIs. What else do I need to install? I've been installing upgrades for several years and have never run into this before. NI says it's because the DAQ drivers were installed previously and that I need to uninstall my hardware, reinstall the drivers, then reinstall hardware and reboot. That's just silly. Why can't it install some VIs if there's hardware in the system? George
  15. Just select all the labels and then select the font size. They'll all be updated at once. George
  16. I ended up doing a repair of LV and that fixed it. Probably something with the RTE was messed up. I certainly don't care to investigate further. I don't understand what language had to do with the problem. I only ever select English. For some reason the installer insists on adding tons of other language support. I swear the installer would be half the size if NI would only give you the language you ask for. George
  17. I just loaded NIDAQmx 9.2.1 (needed to support a new DAQ board) and it messed up my existing LV2009 executables. I'm getting the following errors: "No supported languages intalled" "Unable to open resource files" I tried rebuilding the executable, but still get the same errors. What's going on? In the old days you could load new versions of NIDAQ without hosing up your system. I dread every time I try to update something now. George
  18. Yes, it's definitely wrong. I tried it. What did work was this (although it isn't as elegant as I'd like): 1. All dynamic VIs are put in the Always Included box on the Source Files tab. 2. On the Source File Settings tab I set the Destination for each of the dynamic VIs as Support Directory. This loads each of the dynamic VIs to the support directory. I guess this would be a problem if you wanted to keep all you VIs secret, but all my stuff is in-house. 3. Getting a reference to the dynamic VIs requires some different code for the run time system vs the development system. George
  19. With the development system I can get a list of dymanic VIs (they start with a unique string) by using List Folder VI. These VIs are displayed to the user. When I built the executable I put all the dynamic VIs in the Always Included box on the Source Files tab. So now I assume they should be contained within the exe. How do I get a list of the dymanic VIs from the executable? George
  20. Perfect. That did it. It also helped with seeing the menus on the toolbar. George
  21. When I run VNC to work remotely, right-clicking in LV doesn't bring up anything. I can right-click on other Windows components though. Is there some setting I can fix to get it to work in LV. If not, is there a better remote program to use? George
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